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2-345 (Raw)

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author,male,Polding, John Bede,55 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Niall, 1998
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My DEAR Hep,
Just recd your January despatch by ship with queer name. I think you will not complain again of the paucity of my letters. They come thick and long, don't they? As for Papers - the Chronicle is dead and of course can't send he. Then the Herald contains nuffin worth nowin Well, now I think of it, I will send you the Advocate - a weekly - [30]
Your Papers serve one purpose - You have news to the 9th of March - and your January and February Papers are not yet in. Much interest when they do come - well, I reads and thinks [NN] . Now tell me, have you made enquiries at War Office? about Daniel? Would you call at 35 Golden Square and enquire if the Vicar Gener. has ascertained whether a wife I wrote about be dead or alive. I can never get answers on these subjects. So you have killed Dr Walsh, Ah, you Lunnuners! R.I.P. Have you received a desire of mine to remit some two or three pounds to Dr Murray. Hope so. Be sure you let me have the "acquits" - for my good name for honesty is sadly pulled about of late.
Do you recollect Jesson's Brass Band? Well, we have one. First rate, I assure you, but we want Music proper for it. Be so good as to send two or three copies of Music arranged for Brass Bands by Cocks. It comes out monthly. I think I saw it advertised in Jerrold. I want, I tell you again, some works on Architecture. There is one entitled Parish Churches - Another by T & W. Brandon. Hansom's specifications do not suit us.
We have had a small to do about the Convicts sent out. The big and little folks were all in a splutter. A Vote of Censure on the Gubner - a turn out for Earl Grey. What think you of that Master? - Great fools they made of themselves - Poor Connolly! I never thought well of the man. He attended me at Mass & seemed to know little about his business, but what has the fellow to do in the Court of Arches? Let him go to Rome and take his wife if she be there. The Bishop thank God continues to improve in health. I expect him down in Sydney next week. I enclose a scrap of a Note, the first I have received from him since his resuscitation. It was a near go, I assure you - had not my clothes off for many nights - was quite in my own true and real vocation. Night Caps not Mitres were meant for me - ahem! At all events he is himself once again - God and his B. Virgin Mother be praised for the same - shall write again shortly. C. Fransoni won't complain, I guess, I do not write often enough.
Write on my part a line to Rev. N. Davis or Mother and Downside