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2-329 (Raw)

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author,male,Petition,un addressee
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Government English
Petitions & Proclamations
Clark, 1977
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The Petition of the undersigned Bankers, Merchants, Agriculturists, Stockholders, and others, Employers of labour in New South Wales,
To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty,
Humbly Sheweth,
That your Majesty's Petitioners are now suffering great inconvenience and injury from the want of an adequate supply of labor, owing to the suspension of Immigration and other causes beyond the Power of Petitioners to controul.
That the want of Labor, which your Majesty's Petitioners thus complain, becomes every day more urgent, in consequence of the additional demand which the natural increase of Cattle and Sheep rapidly occasions.
That, during the last two years, the price of Labor has increased about fifty per cent, a rate of increase incompatible with a fair profit upon Agricultural and Pastoral investments, whilst, on the other hand, the price of Wool (the staple of the Colony) has fallen at least 45 per cent.
That, under these circumstances, many of Your Majesty's Petitioners are not only precluded from extending their operations, but, in some instances, the Farmer has been obliged to suspend them altogether, whilst the Owners of Flocks and Herds will soon have no alternative left but to boil them down for the mere tallow.
That such a state of things, if not speedily remedied, must be productive of results ruinous to the immediate interests of Your Majesty's Petitioners, and disastrous to the future prosperity of the Colony.
That, under the pressure of such circumstances, your Majesty's Petitioners have read with much interest a Despatch addressed to the Governor of this Colony by the Right Honorable W. E. Gladstone, dated 30th April, 1846, on the subject of the renewal of transportation to this Colony. [161] They have also read with much satisfaction the Report of a Select Committee of the Legislative Council, to whose consideration the important Despatch in question was referred.
That Your Majesty's Petitioners would earnestly solicit your Majesty's Gracious attention to the facts and recommendations set forth in the Report of the Select Committee alluded to, and humbly trust that they may have sufficient influence on your Majesty's Councils to induce the resumption of transportation to this Colony upon the principles therein recommended or upon such modifications thereof as may be deemed expedient.
That, in the opinion of your Majesty's Petitioners, such a measure would be equally advantageous to this Colony and to the Parent Country, by opening out a cheap and boundless field of reformation for her Criminals and support for her paupers, and thus relieving her from the burthen of their maintenance in expensive establishments at home.
And your Majesty's Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray,
etc, Thos. Agars, D. Larnach
J. B. Darvahl and 449 other persons.