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May 10, 1848
(Son Teddy ill)
Yesterday, our (servants) shewed their true colours, the woman refused to wash some trifling things required for Teddy - because it was Sunday - as she said by her husbands wish - she has never offered the slighest help since he has been ill, although she knows well, two of the family sit up every night, and that he can't be left for a moment, night or day - she was reminded of her unfeeling conduct, and in a passion declared she would do not more whilst she remains on the premises - they are both old convicts but even in that class I never before met with any so devoid of feeling under such circumstances - another cause for the family being moved to a neighbourhood [i.e. Bacchus Marsh] where masters and servants are not obliged to change places, at the pleasure of the latter. [...]
6th April, 1847
A hut-keeper and bullock driver bolted without any known cause within the last ten days, and the two men who contracted to fence in the point walked off for fear they should be without tobacco till the drays returned.