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2-312 (Original)

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3rd Oct. 1846
Fox came up from Paika this afternoon to mention that this morning shortly after he and Cooley left the hut five blacks burst in the door of the hut, and took away all the clothes and bedding they could find, and a bag of flour, after wasting a considerable quantity they could not carry - fortunately upon their coming up to the hut Mrs. Cooley had presence of mind to begin rin[g]ing the large bell I had slung in case of attack and the two stockmen being within hearing of it returned in time to prevent the blacks doing other mischief as they decamped before the men arrived - but for the alarm bell, no doubt the woman and her two children would have been destroyed, this morning sent Taafe back with Fox to act as hutkeeper for the present, as the woman must not be left alone any more. [289]