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2-306 (Original)

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addressee,male author,male,Brown, Thomas,42
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Private Correspondence
Hasluck, 1977
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Grass Dale
June 22 1845
Dear Sir
I am delighted to receive yours of the 12th of October last and as Mrs Brown has been writing you at some length I will only say a few words upon the business part of your letter just thanking you for all favors and the great trouble you have taken with respect to the accounts which I doubt not are correct. I have great satisfaction in saying that from henceforth I think there is nothing to fear, the concern has paid itself this year and when we shall be free from debt through your good help we shall be very comfortable and afterwards enabled to refund from our English income by degrees what we have drawn from our friends. I am much pleased that Mrs. Ward has [cut out by seal] her £160 and thank you for the decrease in interest. Piercy's letter gives me no information and does not say one word respecting the improvements he has made in his own house. He never had any permission from me to spend one farthing in doing so. With respect to the sale of the property I have written to my Brother and am quite willing that you and he should do what you think best. [63] Bates's account was most extravagant and would not have been half as much had I remained in England. but I am glad it is at an end and that he is no longer my tenant.
Mrs. Brown and myself have last week been down to Perth from whence we returned with a cart load of fruit trees and vines which I have been busily employed in planting. We hope to be able to dry raisins of the first quality next year and make a wholesome and generous wine from the juice of the grape. We shall also in two or three years have a large quantity of almonds, sufficient I hope for a profitable export.
My vocations are now a little varied by having to attend at the Court House at York once a week as a Magistrate, and when below at the time of sessions I shall be expected to be amongst them on the Bench there. This takes up a little time but is no expense as we are all equally poor here and cannot vie with each other in extravagance.
I remain Dear Sir
Yours very truly
Thos Brown