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2-299 (Original)

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author,male,Myatt, Henry*,un addressee,male
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Official Correspondence
Mitchell Library, 1847
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Most Humbly I do Intreat your kindness to pardon the Liberty that I have taken in addressing you Sir you whas good enough to tell me you would give me your horses to handle in which Sir I am now remaining out of any situation and att the expence of paying the sum of 15 Shillings per week for board and Lodgins and necesity Compilling me to make away with my Little necesereys to defray that expence if your honer will be good enough to asist me evin in giving me your horses. Mr. Biley proffers me his Stables a dwelling and paddocks for one pound per week where with the asistance of a friend I may establish a liverey Stable Horse & reaking and allso all Vituarisiary Practice in which I am well able to perform with Creditt there is nothing in a horse but I can do to the greatest satisfaction of aney one which shall Committ aneything to my Charge. Sir you will be good enough to bear in mind I left Parramatta for the sole purpose of Ingagin into your Sirvices and ham now rendered unable to retirin for whant of the means my dettermanation whas had I stopped to discharge the duty of a honest sirvant and not lead your or your family astray I feel myself bound to Say had I stopped with you only for one year you would been 200 pounds in Pocket by my Sirvices your horses would attained Creditt and your Stables fitt for the Inspection of the first rank in Sociaty Sir I must now bear on your mind as a gentleman that as necesety calls me to need your favour that your kind mode of humanity will render me yours and your familys asistance in aney ways you may be pleased to asist me with in which Duly will ever cause me to pray & I am your most Humble and Obediant Sirvant 
Henry Myatt
Sir your answer will be thankfully received and most Gratfully acknowldged please to direct to Mr. [?] [?] near Mr. Dillon and he will deliver itt to me safe.
PP: Sir I will be much obliged if you will please to Lett me no your purpos all [?] if that you would wish to Ingage me by the year to Breakin or occashionally dive [?] four in hand as I will of meeting your wish so Ingage for that purpose