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2-293 (Text)

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author,male,Verax*,un addressee
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Ingleton, 1988
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Hark Ye!
Botany Bay Morality Exemplified in the Magistrate's pet
The very high claim set up by our stipendary City Magistrate, to the correction of abuses, whether of a public or private nature, induce me to put the following queries, to the modern Solan's in the most public way possible - "Was there not an Inspector in the Sydney Police, some three years and a half back, during the moral Colonel's rule (Faugh!) named Alexander William Hoyle, a Moreton Bay expiree?"
"Was not Hoyle dismissed from his situation, through gross immoral conduct having made it available, in seducing the affections of mothers from their offspring - he at the same time living in a state of open fornication, with a female prisoner?"
"Was not the wife of John George, whom the heartless scoundrel incited to abandon her husband, pulled out of a cupboard, in Pitt Street, where he (Hoyle) had her concealed, by constable Callaghan, for which abandonment, she being a prisoner of the crown, was sentenced 'twelve months to the third class of the female factory ?"
"Were not those immaculate P.M.'s Captain (bah!) INNIS, and Misther JOHN RYAN BRENAN, cognizant of these facts?"
"Was a more gratuitous, wanton insult, ever offered to a civilized community, than the appointment of this adept in vice - this licentious Adonis, to the responsible situation of collecting the names of those qualified to vote under the Corporation Act; thus bringing this polluted thing in contact with virtuous and respectable families?"
"Was not a remonstrance sent to the Governor, on this disgraceful appointment, and did not the Colonial Secretary reply thereto, that evening, to the strong recommendations of the Magistrates? His Excellency saw no reason to cancel the appointment."
"Was not J. J. Macarthur, Esq, then member of the Council, applied to on the subject, who in his reply, 'regretted that a person, against whom such strong objections were raised, should receive so confidential an appointment; yet from the recommendations of the Magistrates, he was afraid the case could not be remedied' ?"
"Where now is Hoyle, ye sapient Justices? Ye discouragers of immorality? Where now is your PET! that ye foisted on the Governor, for his moral good conduct? O! 'tell it not in Gath!' - living with George's unfortunate wife, who, on becoming free, about three weeks back, this miscreant allured her from home and her numerous sinless offspring, to become again the companion of abandoned profligacy!!!"
"Can the annals of Botany Bay, find a parallel to this unheard of villainy? and yet such a favourite is this libidinous Dandy, at the Police Office, that Mr Myles, actually employed him in making out the Jury Lists!"
"To the authenticity of these facts I pledge myself, and leave the public to draw an inference."