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2-279 (Original)

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addressee author,male,Thomson, Edward Deas,44
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Clark, 1977
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Depasturing Licenses
Colonial Secretary's Office,
Sydney, 2nd April, 1844.
(1.) With reference to the regulations of the 21st May, 1839, and 14th September, 1840, relative to the occupation of the Crown Lands beyond the boundaries of location, His Excellency the Governor, in consequence of the practice which has grown up of parties occupying several distinct Stations under one License, has been pleased, with the advice of the Executive Council, to direct that parties occupying Stations in separate districts, notwithstanding that the same may be contiguous, shall be required in future to take out a separate License for each such district, and to pay the established fee of Ten Pounds for the same; and that no person shall in future be allowed to take up a new Station, either in the same district in which his stock may be depastured, or in any other, without having first obtained a separate License for the same, under the recommendation of the Commissioner, and paid the fee of Ten Pounds thereon. [247]
(2.) His Excellency, with the advice of the Executive Council, has further directed, that from and after the first day of July, 1845, a separate License must be taken out, and the fee of Ten Pounds paid thereon, for each separate Station or Run occupied, even though situated in the same district.
(3.) No one Station, within the meaning of these regulations, is, after the first July, 1845, to consist of more than twenty square miles of area, unless it be certified by the Commissioner that more is required for the quantity of sheep or cattle mentioned in the next paragraph.
(4.) If the party desire to occupy more, and the Commissioner consider him entitled to such occupation, with reference to the quantity of Stock possessed by him, or its probable increase in the ensuing three years, as well as the accommodation required by other parties, and the general interests of the public, an additional license must be taken out and paid for.
(5.) Every Station at a greater distance than seven miles from any other occupied by the same party, will be deemed a separate Station within the meaning of these Regulations, even though the area occupied may not altogether exceed twenty square miles; and no one License will cover a Station capable of depasturing more than 4000 sheep or 500 head of cattle, or a mixed herd of sheep and cattle, equal to either 500 head of cattle or 4000 sheep.
(6.) No Station, or part of a Station, previously occupied under a separate License, will be incorporated with, or added to, the Station of any Licensed person, unless he pay for it the price of another License.
(7.) In other respects, the Regulations referred to will remain in force.
By His Excellency's Command,
B. Deas Thomson.