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2-233 (Raw)

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By the proceedings of this day, indeed we ought to shew, that we are ripe for those representative institutions, which we are all anxious for. He would say, that he was quite ready, (forgetting the past) to come forward and meet any other portion of the public, and discuss this subject upon reasonable grounds. He would not come to discuss the propriety of a £10 suffrage, because there is and could be no such thing in the colony; but if any other party would come forward, and propose any reasonable terms, he would give them his support. [...] . he hoped the period was not far distant when the people of this colony will make their voices heard in the regions of Downing street, and obtain a representative legislature. He would not enter further into his views on the subject than to say, that he thought the time had arrived, when the long agitated emancipist question might be dropped, and that it would be unwise, in the new bill, to have any clause whatever upon the subject. These opinions, he would observe, were not new to him, as might be found upon reference to the archives of Downing street, although he had to bear the odium of being opposed to the emancipist interest.