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2-231 (Text)

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We sailed on the 6th of July and landed on the 29th of January eighteen hundred and forty and Dr. Catherine if you can in the world get one pound for yourself and the children, and come to the immigrant office in Dublin and come to this country and if you can bring my brother John with you and he will get out for the same, this is the best country under the sun, for any well behaved person labourer man will get from thirty to forty pounds per year and a servant maid will get twenty pounds p. year and get your certificate bring it to the Rev. Doctor McCabe and he will sign it for you and then there can be nothing to prevent you  Thomas Healy, Margt. Healy's brother the pensioner he is cheif over the Police in Sidney Town and he does not know his riches he enquired for me the second day after I landed and he treated me very decently. I am very thankful to my prosecutors for sending me here to the land of liberty and freedom  you may let my friends know that in course of six months I expect to have as much as any of my friends at home and if you bring your sister with you  she will be paid for service