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2-219 (Raw)

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addressee,male author,male,Tanner, William,un
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Private Correspondence
Hasluck, 1977
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Swan River
18 Decr. 1839
My Dear Sir, 
Hearing from Viveash that you either positively are or are likely to come out I think it my duty to write to you.
I hear they are likely to write you also and any thing that I may say which may be contradicted in any letter emanating from Mr. Smith if relating to practical experience is no doubt incorrect. I have but a few minutes to write so excuse haste.
Horses are very high here and it will answer to bring them from England, S. America or the Cape, - mares I mean of course, not thoroughbred blood nor cart horses, but something lighter and more active than the former, say stout hunters or carriage horses. I doubt if it will answer to bring cows or sheep from England, from the latter places it will, especially sheep ewes, whether coarse or fine. Bring as many servants as you want, say, carpenter, shepherd and 1 to 3 other farm servts, if you bring more females than you want plenty will jump at them, arrangements are thus constantly made by which the importer receives from the new master monthly payments toward defraying the exps. of passage etc.
Sheep farms are now offering at 3/- or 3/6 (I forget which) p. acre. When we arrived they had hardly touched 2/6. Lands on the Swan are at from £30.0.0 down to 2/- p. acre according to quality and vicinity to Capital, but are never sold p. acre but p. estate. Girls from 11 yrs old are made useful so great is the scarcity. I need scarcely tell you that here at first except for a man of large property Cape and other inferior only are used.
If you determine on going to the sheep district say 50 miles over land the less furniture the better, a few slight chairs, do. table, a chest or 2 of drawers, ast. crockery I would buy a crate of common willow pattern of all sorts of things for breakfast, dinner, and chamber, no small teacups. Glass the commonest. If you settle on this side the hills you may bring more furniture but I would not bring too much, it can be sent for.
Sheep are culls, and for broken mouthed coarse, up to 5.5.0 for merino ewes, for mutt. the butcher gives ab. 1/-, ewe lambs to wean say 45/- to 50/-. If you settle on this side you put your sheep to a farmer at 25£ p. 100 head p. acre, or on fourths. They threaten to ask 33£ or thirds. My wool goes by this vessel to T. Simpson and Co. Kings cross Yard City, it is of medium quality but No 6 and 7 are last yrs and I suspect bad, it was our dry season.
Your bills will be taken here, unless some great change take place, at 3.125 p. cent discount or in other words when you draw you will sell your bill for a good 3 mo. bill at par. [5] Bank discount is 12 p. cent p. ann. at which rate of course you can negotiate a bill. Your being known to Viveash and self will be sufficient.
Bring for your own use Scotch ploughs (iron) and carts 2 of ea. say, ring tire, not streaks. Spades, shovels, axes, hoes, scythes. Rp. hoops, shears, a few cheeses, keg of butter, few chests tea, white sugar if you require it say 3 cwt. and obtain drum back. Irish pork 20 brls. lard keg or 2. Suet as for navy I cask. Harness not too heavy. Rope for tethering, a few coils. A fine property to reside on is now offered adjoining mine on Swan I think 4000 a. for 1000£ I wish you or some other friend would buy it. I never reckon by acres but think this worth the money, 8 or 9 miles from Perth by land. A very good farm was lately offered at 150£ p. acr. or £1600 with brick house and good buildings and enclosures say 12 or 14 m. from Perth.
Government land is as you are probably aware put up to auction at 5/- ac. and as you can buy remission certificates (which are govern. paper taken by them in paymt. for land) at 1/2 price it follows that if you are not opposed at auction you can get the land at 2/6. The difficulties however thrown in the way, I think purposely, by the Governor are so great as to render it more advisable to purchase land already granted if you can find any available.
I forgot to observe that when you put sheep out to keep the owner gets all the wool and does not pay for the lambs till they are 3 mo. old. Persons take in horses to run at large for 1/6 p. head p. week.
I have not now time (I am writing now at Perth stealing a few minutes from the night) to give you a list, but if you could tell what to bring you would do well to lay out half your money in goods to sell here at a profit. Powder, shot, crates of common crockery, cheap saddlery, nails, bar iron, Irish pork, suet, lard, butter, cheese, calicoes, cotton prints, slop clothing, shoes, currants, hams from England and from the Cape - wine, beef, dried fruits, coffee sugar and tea if low. All the above would pay well.
As I am going into the bush, in the morng. early, land hunting, I must conclude wishing you and Mrs. Brown a pleasant voyage and hoping that we may soon see you on this side of the world.
Believe me my dear Sir
Yours truly
W Tanner