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2-211 (Text)

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author,female,Menzies, Margaret,22 addressee
Narrative Discourse
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Private Written
Clarke, 1992
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Saturday 29th February
Passed a very uncomfortable night at Wollongong suffocated with spirits & tobacco & eaten up by bugs. On Sunday called at Dr John Osborne's rather a Gentlemanlike man but not as sterling as Henry & Mrs John the most unladylike lady I had seen for a long time - the children Bah! want civilization sadly.
Proceeded in the afternoon to Marshall Mount 15 miles Mr H. Osbornes & met a very hearty welcome. Mrs Osborne a very gentle nice woman, hope to know her better & Mr O one who I think will be a valuable neighbour to dear Bob - they wished us to remain but I felt anxious to finish my journey and we left next morning calling at O'Mere's on the way where I had my first meal in a log hut & enjoyed it very much - arrived at Kiama about 5 afternoon 3rd March, heartily glad my journey was at an end but surprised the Alexander MacLeay had not reached this harbour before us, we remained in great anxiety respecting it until the Monday following when she arrived & our cargo living & lifeless in safety but the former quite sick of the sea - that evening & the next day the 12th March got all our goods on shore & took possession of our 3 rooms which we rent from Smith at £2 per week. Robert had been to the Farm the 2d day after our arrival here & saw our huts commenced - he & Charles have been going every second day since but Connor the carpenter being given to drink gets on very slowly & keeps us anxious about being settled there before winter sets in - Robert is very much pleased with his property which we have named Minamurra from the violet which bounds it in part & every one says he has been very fortunate. Were we only there which I trust we will be soon I have no doubt we should with the blessing of God get on very well - Charles went to Sydney a fortnight since & hired a Farm servant who arrived here last Saturday and on Monday he & Charles went to Minamurra & commenced erecting a hut for themselves which they took possession of last night & intend being busy erecting our houses & putting in some garden seeds &c &c. John Cusack is a strong & seems willing man, an Irishman, hope he will turn out better than Garrit Lynch our first servant who was sent to Wollongong to bring back the horse I rode - got drunk - was put in the watch house & did not return till a day after his time - he was dismissed instantly for his conduct most happy I was to get him off having disliked him from the beginning. 
Robert went to Wollongong yesterday. I expect he will return tomorrow evening - feel lonely when he is absent having little variety of work to amuse me - Kiama is a very pretty place to be sold in town allotments & will be most convenient for our sending our crops to Sydney the harbour being such as to admit of small vessels. The coast is very indented