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Pray tell him I am much pleased and obliged by it. He answers almost every point on which I wrote, and particularly as regards the Regatta extension meeting (upon which he greatly regrets my absence) the Horticultural Society, the Colonial Infant School, schoolmasters, in which he says he has encouragement from you that something will be done on an extended scale. He promises to use his influence at the Colonial office for Dr Hobson, whenever you have found a situation as Naturalist or in any other department for him, saying it is of no use to ask for general assistance. It seems by this that Mr F. does not understand that what is wanted at the Colonial Office is the making of the office of Naturalist, or does Mr F. mean that if you and the Legislative council created such an office, then would be the time to apply for the salary? Some public expression in the Council, perhaps, of the desirableness of such an appointment would be useful. The more I see of Dr Hobson the more anxious I am that the Colony should not lose the benefit of his services. He does not wish to live in any other part of the Colony but Hobarton, he could not carry on his researches to advantage elsewhere, nor would he care to practice elsewhere. Private practice in Hobarton, joined to the Naturalist situation is that which he prefers to all work. He has already pared a considerable number of things for the embryo Museum, and told me he had expended £200 of his own in skeletons and other things, which he has given to a Museum in England. He wishes the Museum at Hobarton to be in a miniature way, on the plan of the Universal Hunterian Museum at the College of Surgeons, the comparative anatomy being of the first importance. [136]
There seems from what Mr F. tells me every probability of your relation with the Attorney General coming to an end. I do hope it may be so, for it is impossible the credit of your Government can be supported without such a step.