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2-194 (Raw)

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addressee,male author,male,Reibey, Thomas Haydock II,42
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Irvine, 1992
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3 Canterbury Villas, Edgware Road, London Sept.8th.
My dear Sir
I must apologise for my long silence in not replying sooner to your very kind letter of the 18th. ultimo, but really my mind has been so ill at ease the last three weeks in consequence of my premature decision in placing my sons at a school in London, where I am sorry to find no probability of their making that improvement I at first contemplated; the school being more adapted for very young boys, half their time is lost by not having the benefit of the society and conversation of the school master, who spends the whole of his evenings from home - I have therefore been compelled to determine upon sending them to Devonshire, at the end of this Quarter to be placed under the care and tuition of a Revd. Mr Barnes, who is, by my son (in-law) Mr Arthur and all his relations, spoken very highly of & who has a family of accomplished sisters. [116] My sons are received as members of his family and his number is limited to six, all highly respectable. I have been much pleased with a letter I received from him, his terms are one hundred and twenty guineas each, per annum, and have consequently arranged to send them off as near the first of October as possible. Mrs Reibey (Richarda) will accompany them to Plymouth, to join Mr & Mrs Arthur who feel great reluctance to part with their relations there - I am, unfortunately, hampered with a cottage which I engaged for 6 months but have written off to the proprietor who is now spending a short time at Harrogate, to request he will allow me to give it up at the end of the quarter, which I am in hopes he will do, and immediately I can rid myself of it I purpose paying you a visit to spend a short time before I join my family at Plymouth. I should have been glad could I have managed to have been with you by the 27th of this month, but that is impossible - Mr Redfern called about a fortnight after he had been in London. I was not at home, but called upon him the following day and for so short an acquaintance was much pleased with him. I invited him to dinner but he had made some engagement to visit Kent, having given up his original intention of going to the Continent, when you see his mother will you remember me very kindly
I am in daily expectation of receiving accounts from Van Diemens Land which I am very anxious about, as I left my brother James in a very precarious state of health. I am also in hopes soon to hear from my mother, and sisters
Your brother William & his wife, together with Mr, Mrs. & Miss Atkinson dined with us on Wednesday last - Mrs Hope with her daughter Celia is now spending a few days with us - I am very anxious to see you and hope soon to have that pleasure, but in the mean time I would only say your letters are very acceptable. pray write often I pay postage for your letters with great delight - My sons have this moment stopped home, being half holiday, to dine with us, they beg, together with Mrs. Reibey to be very kindly remembered to you - Believe me
My dear Cousin, your's very sincerely Thomas Reibey
If you should see Mr J Denny say that I have not forgotten my promise and will in the course of a few days send him letters to Van Diemens Land, which I trust will be of service to him. I believe he does not sail till the first of the month.