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2-177 (Raw)

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author,male,Burton, W.H., Supreme Court Judge,un addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Burton, 1838
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23rd July, 1838
My Dear Edmund,
Robert will have told you that in my letter to him of 4th instant, I communicated the disagreeable intelligence that I shall not be able to leave this country for another year. Nothing has since occurred either to alter that determination or to make it more tasteful, but what a man cannot accomplish it is vain to repine at. Be sure that if it please God to allow me to follow my own choice it is to be with you; but I must not do so against principle and it would appear to me at the present to be so if I were to leave either in debt or without a reasonable supposition that I am in the performance of my duty in leaving.
Whilst I am here if an opportunity should offer of putting me into a very eligible situation I do not doubt you will avail yourself of it. I was ......... apprehension that my being supposed to be on my way home may have the effect of impelling the exertions of my friends but do not let this be the case - else I shall be doubly injured by the last wrongful act of the Whig ministry towards me. I am exerting myself for the public good and as much as ever I did having again taken up my labours after Sir R......... departure - and I do not doubt that Sir Geo. Gipps report of me and the public estimation of my services when I do leave will make those who have kept me back from the post I have a fair and acknowledged right to. I have proposed an Insolvent Law which I think you would consider a great improvement upon the two English systems, Bankruptcy and Insolvency and it will not be amiss that I should stay a little time to set it working and not to let others who have had nothing to do with it reap the laurels, a Newspaper sent herewith will show that I am doing all I can to support the church against her opponents. There are some stupid mistakes in the report which I cannot take the trouble to correct - thus the word "few" is substituted for the actual number of churches which I quoted from Sir R......... despatch - but if you feel interest in matter you will find the original despatch alluded to in the appendix to the Report of the Transportation Committee.
I am sorry to say that Arthur has got through all his money and having one so chiefly by intemperance and profligacy is the less fitted to give any more. My situation is a disagreeable one respecting him - he is upwards of two hundred pounds in debt to various trades men about the town (not larger than ......) so that everything is known - and as he is of course known to be my relation and supposed to be nearer than he is - his disgrace reflects itself upon me. I have done all I could in every way to save him but he has gone his own way and I am not in the remotest degree responsible for it. The mode in which he invested his money and the mode in which he has lost it were neither upon my advice, I have assisted him with a little money from time to time when he wanted it from actual distress but have never had through my hands a shilling of his. I must never the less be the sufferer by his profligacy. I had hoped to be out of the country before the crisis ..... I had not cared so much for it for having done all I could to keep him in the right way and failed I thought only for my own reputation. I shall be dunned for his debts and my name will be about Sydney linked with my nephew as he is called; It is laid upon me whom as neither his nearest relation nor as the occasions of bringing him here. Could you if you think it proper apply to his Aunt Mrs. Marshall who is rich enough to give him a little money to pay his debts or for me to invest ....... etc, for his support in some measure. She is his nearest relation and if any ought at least his discredit ought not to fall upon me. If she will give him anything I will faithfully apply it. It not why all I can do is to pay his passage to England where he may apply to her himself.