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2-172 (Raw)

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addressee author,female,Broughton, Sarah,un
Narrative Discourse
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Private Written
Clarke, 1992
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jany 1st [1837] Sunday
The girls with Mary Davies & myself went to St James Church in the morng. Phoebe walked to church in the aft & returned with Mrs Jones in the omnibus. A thunderstorm in the evening. My dear husband left home the 25th of last month for Bong Bong, Goulburn, Yass &c.
jany 3
A hot wind & very large fire in the bush on the North Shore. I heard from my dear husband, from Mr Throsby's. The heat was so overcoming that the girls & I laid down on our beds after dinner. Walked in the verandah after tea, & heard the Band playing at the Basoon. [47]
jany 4th
Mrs James Busby called to take leave. Very hot. Thunder & rain nearly all day. Cleared up towards evening. Mrs Scott, Mrs J. Mitchell & Capt. Crozier called. Another thunderstorm between 9 and 10 o'clock. old Green came.
jany 5th
Mrs Jones & Mrs Ferriter called. Also Capt. Hobson. After dinner I went with the 3 girls to call on Mrs Macquoid. Miss Macquoid, Louisa & Dickey went for a walk with us down to the point - the two latter drank tea with us. Very cool & pleasant all day.
jany 8th
We went to St. James Church in Mr Macquoid's carriage & walked home. My dear Brother's letters reached me with the melancholy, but not unexpected intelligence of my dearest Mother's death on the 23d Augt last. Very thankful am I to Almighty God that she was to the very last free from pain, & although I was not permitted to be with her I bow with submission to the will of God & with a grateful heart for all his mercies humbly trusting to meet him my dear Father & all we love on earth in a better world.
jany 9th
Mary Davies went to Sydney with Mr Macquoid who kindly offered to assist me getting our mourning for us. Several friends called but I could not see them.
jany 11th
I wrote to my dear husband to inform him of my dear Mother's death. John Davies dined with his sister & went to Parramatta after dinner. Mr. Cowper kindly called on me after dinner, & I had a long chat with him about my dear Mother. I also saw Mrs & Miss Macquoid. Dear Julia's birthday, 12 years old.
jany 13th
Mr & Mrs Mackey called. Hot wind all day which lasted till 8 o'clock when we had a Brickfielder [the wind which came from the area of the brickfields]. Got another letter from my dear husband, from Capt. Ross's, he having been detained there by illness, & was prevented going on to Yass.
jany 15th
Harry got our mourning we went for the service to St James's Church in Jones's carriage Boyd went home to see his wife, was taken ill & was not able to return to us. Young also very poorly. [48]
jany 18th
I received a most comforting and kind letter from my husband in answer to the one I wrote to announce my dear Mother's death, assuring me he was quite recovered. It rained very hard all day.
jany 20th
I wrote to my dear husband at Liverpool not expecting to see him till tomorrow, when to my great joy he arrived home safe & well, thank God, though wet through, just as we had finished tea, having come all the way from Mr. C. Cowper's in pouring rain.
jany 22nd
We all went to St James Church in the morng in Mr Jones's carriage. The Bishop preached. Did not go in the afternoon, it was so wet, but it held up for a short time after dinner when we all walked on the Verandah for some time. A little thunder in the evening & rained again very hard.
jany 24
Fine day. Mr Riddell called before breakfast. The Bishop went to a meeting at St James's Church when he returned brought the news of the Governor's resignation.
jany 25th
Mr Macquoid, Mr Biscoe, Mr Bell, Mr C. Cowper, Mr Eyre & Mr Aspinall called.
jany 26th
The 49th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Colony. The Bishop went to see the Governor. Mr Cowper, Mr M. Cowper, Mr Campbell & Sarah, Col. & Mrs Shadforth, Mr Riddell & Mr & Mrs MacLeay called.