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2-159 (Text)

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28th December, 1837
My Dear Edmund,
I think it advisable in consequence of the suspicion entertained and communicated to me by my brother Robert that my letter of the 2nd September 1835 was never brought to Lord Glenelg's notice - to furnish you with a letter to the Secretary of State to be read by you if you require it and I think proper and also I enclose an original note from the late Governor here and another from his late private secretary, the former received by me in July or August 1836 and the latter yesterday in proof that my letter was forwarded from hence. 
I hope however that the necessity for this proof will have ceased and that such arrangements made may have been made for me although I am yet ignorant of them as will be satisfactory. I can only express my thankfulness to your and my other friends for their kind and friendly zeal in my behalf coupled with my chagrin that so much exertion should become necessary. A reflection which is not very consoling to one who really feels he has a right to say that his exertions in the public cause have been even beyond this duty. It affords not much stimulus to the future zeal to learn that not only can those services be