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2-129 (Raw)

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dere mary I receivd you loveing letter which wish for long time [...] this is the forth letter for me Der mary there is nact of Council past since thirty three that know man family cud come out until they wood be eight years in the Colony of new south wales and spesily lifers and when I come into the Cuntry it was onely Foure yeares which greeve me to heer and to say that you wood be so very far from me all my interest cud not get you out to the Cuntry one til the eight years wood be expired. der mary do what i am going to explaine to you and there is know fere but you can come out to me by geting petion drew out in proper manner [...] and send it to the lord lieutenent of Irland to come out as an migrant to new south Wales there is good [NN] of men wifes coming out to this cuntry and there is know other way that i know of but that. [14]
Der mary I am not table to do annything in the wourld to help you nor to help my selfe nor anny other man in new south Wales Der mary, I never work one day but fourteen days for myselfe since I been in this cuntry because it is not allowed by Government but if i wonst got my liberty I cud [...] ten shillings per day Der mary let me know in youre next letter is my fathere live or know or did my sister go to meracar or know Der mary this is fine cuntry is there is in the wourld for ateing and drinking Der mary if you wore in this cuntry you cud be worth pound per week but by owne labour and if it be possible that you can come out bring your sister; there is fine girl comeing out as nemigrans.