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2-128 (Text)

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author,male,Boyce, Alex,un addressee,female
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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After a silence of nearly three years, that is to say February 1832, at which time I had done myself the pleasure of both writing to you, as also to my beloved children, as well at the same moment of having forwarded to the Home Government a memorial on behalf of having you and my dear children sent to me, and as I am surprised at your neglect and silence, I am now availing myself of the present opportunity of writing to you my dear wife by Doctr. John Osborn, who leaves this Colony for his native country, and which I hope my ever dear belovd. wife, will find you and my ever dear children well in health, as this present leave me for which I thank God, for all his blessings and care of us all and as never hearing further from you respecting my anxious solicitation of your coming to me, or whither you received any account of the application from Government there made by me, and as it appears there has been indifference or wilful neglect in some department which I by no means attach to you my belovd. Eliza but a mind occupied as mine is day and night thinking of you and my fond children that the susceptibility of my feeling at your united absences is indeed indescribable, to think for a moment that hundreds who, at the same time, since forwarded, a similar application for their families now enjoy the felicity of their families company, while I am left to linger in silent expectation of both you and my beloved children, while my panting bosum and extended arms are every moment open to receive ye, therefore come my dear dear wife, and do not want a wresting place as I will on your arrival have one fit for my dears reception. But should you my love, not have then received it and in any time after they thought it proper to send for you and that any circumstance at the time might have prevented you availing yourself of the opportunity of coming to me, through sickness of your children or any other impediment, you will therefore my dear love on receipt hereof, address a Memorial to His Excellency the Viceroy of Ireland stating the then cause of your not coming and that you are now ready to join your husband, praying His Excellency may admit you to share in his high considerations by granting you and your children a passage and there is no doubt of your ultimate success, there has been many who have been similarly situated, and none ever had been refused. I obtained the indulgence of sending for you at that time from Good Conduct which to the moment I am free to occupy my time as I may think proper having held the indulgence of a Ticket of Leave these two years back and will be as free as air the middle of March next. I will not say more on this subject than that I will look for your coming, which God in his mercy may inspire your heart with equal desire of seeing me where I will now give you some account of this Country, N.S.Wales, otherwise named Australia, is for salubrity of climate equal to that garden of the world, Italy, but with this exception, not subject to brain fevers, or European diseases that them countries are, this country the soil of which grows wheat barley oats Rye, Maizes with two crops of that well known vegetable the potatoe, that contributes so much to Irish hospitality.  It grows all sorts of fruits, tropical as well as European as well as all kinds of vegetable, that are fit for man or beast, and there is no part of the world where an industrious man can do better, he can earn from 5 shillings to 7s.6d. per day, take one with the other and there are many other indulgencies which a man can avail himself off that he cannot partake of in Ireland such as the following, that is to say, first he can take a piece of land on a clearing lease for 7 years, without any rent, all he grows is his own free from tythes or taxes and all he can accumulate during this time, there is another you can place yourself on a piece of Government Land which you may occupy untill government may require it for sale, and if you bid five shillings per acre, you can get as much as you want and if industrious, you can grow as much on the land as will be able to pay for the purchase of it, which is more than you can get in Ireland, where I will now leave this subject, and turn my pen to the inquiry of my father, my brothers and sisters as also my cousins McCormacks, who I hope this will find well, and to whom I desire particularly to be remembered, having receivd. my father's letter two years ago, I would have answered it before now, but having written a little time before, I waited with the hope of your coming so as to be able to mention your safe arrival. So as that I may no longer labour under suspense, write to me on receipt hereof, as the purport of your letter I will be governed by its dictates, should you be disposed to come write to me and should you not have the candour to say so, but do not deceive me as on receipt of your answer I will send you something for my children There is a neighbour of mine here most respectably married named Sarah Cramshee daughter to John Cramshee formerly of Millfield who, at the time of her been transported left a boy child in the year 1825 in the poor house named William Daly in Belfast. You will therefore make all the necessary inquiry of Mr. Thompson after him as she is most anxious to get him out to her if living as she is well off. You will send me these particulars. She been a kind friend to me.