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2-118 (Text)

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To D. Coates Esq, Missionary House, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London England.
Wellington Valley, Dec. 7, 1835 
Very Dear Sir,
May these few lines find you in prosperity both in a temporal and spiritual point of view. Reviewed Gobat's Abyssinia, the Hymn Book compiled by the Rev. Ewan Bickersteth, and several reports of the Bible and Missionary Society which you sent me, and for which I feel much obliged.
Though the great ocean separates our persons, I remember our friends in England and on the continent frequently. No ties in the world are so strong, as the ties of true Christian love.
This accounts for my addressing you, for I have nothing particularly to write, as my quarterly journals contain all the news relative to the Mission as far as I am concerned in it. This accounts also for my writing to my dear Christian Brother the Inspector T. Blumhardt in Basel, and to another Gentleman and dear Brother, in the Kingdom of Wuertemberg. I have addressed their letters to your care, requesting you to forward them as soon as possible.
You are I believe, anxiously waiting for success with regard to our Mission, but we cannot rejoice in the fruit of our labour as yet, we have however imparted instruction whenever we found an opportunity. I sometimes feel dismayed for want of success, but Mrs Handt generally comforts me and stirs me up, when this is the case. I endeavour chiefly to press the love of God and his Son upon the minds of the poor Blacks, and have sometimes been encouraged in so doing, but frequently I have met with a repulse. May the Lord soon appear with help out of Zion in the behalf of this part of his fallen family, who are sunk below all others!
Brother and Sister Watson are pretty well at present and so are we all thank God.
That the blessing of the Lord may rest upon you, and all connected with the Missions is the prayer of
Yours faithfully
J.C.S. Handt