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2-113 (Original)

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addressee author,male,McLeay, Alexander,68
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Government English
Petitions & Proclamations
Clark, 1977
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Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney,
28th October, 1835.
As a part of the arrangements intended to be adopted with a view to facilitate the introduction into the colony of useful and respectable emigrants from any part of Europe, his Excellency the Governor directs it to be notified that a pecuniary aid, to the amount and under the conditions hereinafter specified, will be granted to those settlers who shall be at the charge of bringing emigrants to Sydney.
1. The sum of £30 will be granted as a bounty towards defraying the expense of the passage of every married man, whether mechanic or farm servant, and his wife, neither of whose ages shall exceed, on embarkation, 30 years; and the sum of £5 for each of their children whose age shall exceed 12 months. A sum of £15 will also be allowed for every unmarried female whose age shall not be below 15 nor above 30 years, who shall come out with the consent of the settler or his agent, under the protection of the married couple, as forming part of the family, and destined to remain with it until such female be otherwise provided for. [186] A bounty of £10 will also be allowed for every unmarried male mechanic or farm servant, above the age of 18 and not exceeding 25 years, brought out by a settler, who at the same time brings out an equal number of females, accompanying and attached to a family, as hereinafter described.
2. Before any such payments are made, the emigrant on whose account they are claimed, will be required to present themselves before a board, appointed by the Governor to inspect persons of this description, to whom the adults are to exhibit testimonials of good character, signed by clergymen and respectable inhabitants of note in the places of their former residence, with which testimonials it is necessary that every family and single person for whom the bounty is claimed should be provided. If the board shall be satisfied with these testimonials, and that the persons presenting themselves are within the ages set forth in the foregoing paragraph, to be established by the production of copies or extracts of the registry of their baptism, duly certified by the parish minister, or other proper officer, of good bodily health and strength, and in all other respects likely to be useful members of their class in society, a certificate to such effect will he granted by the board, which being presented at the Colonial Secretary's Office in Sydney a warrant will be immediately issued for payment to the settler of the sum to which he shall become entitled under this notice. In the case of foreigners brought to the colony for the cultivation of the vine or olive, or for the manufacture of wine or oil, certificates of ages, but not of character, will be dispensed with.
3. Settlers desiring to avail themselves of any of these bounties are required to transmit to the Colonial Secretary at Sydney, on or before the last day of November next, a list, specifying as nearly as circumstances will permit, the number, condition and calling of the persons they propose to bring out.
4. It is to be understood that bounties will not be allowed for any persons brought out by settlers, unless the claimant shall have transmitted to the Colonial Secretary, within the time specified, the list required by the foregoing paragraph, and that he shall have received in reply an intimation of its being the intention of this Government to grant a bounty on the introduction of the persons described therein. If hereafter it shall be found expedient to renew the arrangement now promulgated, due notice will be given from the Colonial Secretary's Office.
5. It is also to be understood that no expence whatever, attendant upon the introduction of these emigrants, will be defrayed by Government, excepting the bounties hereinbefore mentioned; and that the wives and families of soldiers in regiments in this colony or Van Diemen's Land, and of persons serving under sentence of transportation in either colony, are excepted from the present regulation. [188]
By his Excellency's command,
Alexander M'Leay.