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2-103 (Original)

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author,female,Bussell, Frances Louisa,un addressee,family
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Clarke, 1992
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Friday January 31 1834
I ought to have commenced my journal with the new year you will all of you say in England but it so happens that as I was anxious to write several letters I made a "vow" I would not begin a diary until the second visit of the Ellen had relieved me from my most urgent correspondents. My desk is once more clear of the letters which had engrossed me during the absence of our little schooner and I find myself at liberty to return to my favourite method of communication with the beloved friends who will not find one line superfluous...
On Saturday the Caroline a small cutter belonging to Mr McDermott arrived with Mr Turner the sole passenger, he brought another letter from Mamma which I read aloud to poor old Phoebe and Bessey I will not say with what sensations. Come by [NN] the Brilliant is now at Fremantle and will arrive by the next trip of the Ellen how we are longing to investigate its secret treasures! [222] Captain Molloy and Alfred are still at the Swan if my dearest Mother and Mary should accompany Sir James and Lady Stirling he will be there to greet them he has been treated with the greatest hospitality there, but are not kindness and hospitality the characteristics of the place. You will soon be there to judge for yourself so I will return to Augusta the present theatre of all our hopes and wishes. Bessey in the closing pages of her diary detailed to you our reception of our two new inmates Mr Tobey and Mr Hillman of King George's Sound. Our still very dilapidated house is not a gloomy one and the task of entertainment is very easy where everyone is predisposed to be pleased that we soon forget to blush at the unwalled erections which served our guests for bedrooms with our cots strong and comfortably made the English appendages of jugs, basins, clean towels, and quantities of water they formed singular "oases" in the unredeemed bush by which they were surrounded. [...]
I received by the Ellen a letter from my dear Fanny Bonjafield which I intended to answer tonight but find I have resumed my journal instead. As Captain Molloy and Johnny are absent we have had prayers home these last two Sundays, Phoebe and Emma only attending. A sermon too from Wells invaluable collection which we really find a treasure. Books are here inestimable. Mr Tobey brought us from the Swan as a loan "the last Man" and one or two more of the same description. Bessey and I are delighted to welcome a novel once more. . . as I have just finished a long letter I will only enter the articles the boys commission me to mention.
Blue shirting like the last you sent us
Pea jackets
South Westers
Scrubbing brushes
A new set of sails for the boat
Lead pipe water for sheets
Chain cable for boat [223]
All these things have been mentioned before but we are fearful of losing a chance . .