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2-079 (Raw)

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author,male,Western Australian Colonial News,un addressee
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Newspapers & Broadsides
Ward, 1969
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It becomes our melancholy duty to record an event of this nature, and which for obvious reasons we on the present occasion do, in as concise a form as possible, reserving a general detail as far as we are acquainted until the termination of the usual Legal proceedings, now pending. [289] 
On Thursday night August 16 an Hostile message was delivered from G. F. Johnson, Esquire, merchant of Fremantle, to W. N. Clark, Esquire, Solicitor, of the same place, in consequence a meeting took place the following morning at 5 o'Clock at the back of Richmond House each party accompanied by a friend, and with feelings of deep regret we state that at the first fire Mr Johnson fell mortally wounded. The unfortunate Gentleman was immediately conveyed into Richmond House attended by Surgeon Harrison, and shortly after by Surgeon Langly, who came express, a litter being provided Mr Johnson was conveyed to his own house where he lingered until the following morning when he expired, universally regretted.
Thus fell in the prime of life a gentleman of the highest respectability and talent, leaving his antagonist (a gentleman equally respectable) in a state of mind past our powers of description. On Sunday the 19th the remains of Mr Johnson were consigned to the silent Tomb, attended by a host of sorrowing friends - peace to the ashes of the brave! Immediately after the sad event, Mr Clark, Captain W. T. Graham, and T. N. YouI Esquire, appeared before George Leake Esqr, J.P, and were bound over to appear at the Petty Sessions which was held the following Monday before The Honourable I. Mackie, Esqr, MC. George Leake Esqr, and The Revd Mr Whittenoom, when after a patient investigation the parties were committed to prison. An express was immediately dispatched to Perth, and His Honor The Lt. Governor was pleased to sanction bail being taken for Mr Youl, & Capt Graham, who were accordingly liberated the same evening, Wm. Lamb Esqr, and Mr W. Samson being surety for Mr Youl and Wm. Lamb, Esqr. & Mr R. Lewis for Captain Graham, the latter gentlemen offered £1000 each, bail for Mr Clark which was declined. The greatest commiseration has been shown by the Magistrates. and all Parties, to the survivor on this unhappy occasion. After the approaching trial we will give every particular connected with the event.