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2-077 (Raw)

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addressee,male author,male,Reibey, James,37
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Irvine, 1992
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Launceston 18th April 1852
Dear Cousin
My Brother and his Family are thinking to make a trip Home next year / he wishes take his children in order to place them at school in England.
My Wife feels grateful for your kind expression in her favor contained in your last letter and hopes one of these days yet to have the pleasure of seeing you. Mr and Mrs Thomson are well they have six children and are but poorly off, he has not yet got quit of the Government claims and as my brother and Self are bound for him, we have no idea how it will end, he is the most lazy fellow I ever met with in all the course of my life / Mrs P [?] I have not seen her since I received your last letter / Mr & Mrs Innes go on to India with the Regt. about September next / they have two little girls, my mother is quite well the last time I heard, she has turned Farmer in her old days she cultivates a farm on the Hawkesbury. Mr Atkinson was down here shortly and intends to bring his Family down to settle here at Pattersons Plains / they are also but poorly of but he is Industrious and deserves to get on. This is of course all private. Old Mrs Foster is now here she has a farm and works as a mantle maker / the only good one of that Family was Eliza Mrs Pitman and she poor thing was Cut off in her prime / Jane her eldest daughter is married to a man of the name of Patten who keeps a Public House and who uses her very ill / the Eldest son I have never seen but he is also here somewhere but I do not know what he is doing, James the Youngest is Apprenticed to a Carpenter / the old man you are aware was murdered in New South Wales some years ago, Now my dear Sir I have given you all the News of Family aiffairs and I conclude with Saying how happy I will be to hear from you on all occasions. I am getting quite sound in my health after four years suffering,
I remain My dear Cousin yours very truly
James H. Reibey