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2-076 (Original)

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author,male,Reibey, James,37 addressee,male
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Official Correspondence
Irvine, 1992
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Launceston Van Diemens Land April 1832 Messrs Fleming & Hope Glasgow
I had the pleasure of addressing you in May last in reply to your favour of the 3rd Decr. 1830 and gave you the history of the Box of tapes as well as the Bale of Carpeting which I informed you had met with a most unfortunate fate in being sold and handed over to the late firm of Payne and Ash who some time afterwards failed and has not as yet paid one farthing to the Several Creditors and leaving me minus 800£.
Since this I have had the pleasure of receiving your favour of the 17th September last per Lord Byron wishing I would hand you an Account Sales of the Box of tapes which I should be most happy to do if there was any funds realised on them / suffice it to say that I had sold them at 40 prs on the Invoice.
I am however anxious that you should be no losers by the Circumstances and will be most happy to pay the Invoice price of the Box of tapes if that would be agreeable, a letter from you signyfying your approbation I will remit the amount /[110] somewhere about 40 £ I think it was /
General Darling having positively refused to award any remuneration to Mr Atkinson and myself for the loss of the ECLIPSE we memorialed Lord Goderick on the subject sent one copy thro Lt. Govr. Arthur of this Island and another thro Genl. Darling. Some short time afterwards we where [sic] surprised by the receipt of a Letter from the Colonial Secretary of Sydney in the name of Genrl Darling ordering us the paltry gratuity of 600 Acre of Land jointly / it is worth about 2/6 an Acre. This was after Genl. Darling had left the Colony As the memorial was gone we backed it up with an explanatory Letter to Lord Goderick which we forwarded by Colonel Arthur and I am still in hopes that his Lordship will think it right to make us a more hansome Gratuity or Compensation or whatever they like to call it / all the original Papers are in Buckles & Co hands which Mr Atkinson sent home to you thro them and if you think it would be advisable for you to make another application on our behalf you had better make use of them. General Darling was the most Ferocius Tyrant that ever Governed a Colony / they think more favorably of General Bourke [?] 
I Remain Gentlemen Your much obliged Servant
James H. Reibey