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2-059 (Original)

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Ingleton, 1988
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Sydney, 18th June, 1831
Yesterday morning, after having entertained a private party, the Steamer Sophia Jane proceeded with about eighty passengers to Middle Harbour. At eleven o'clock she cast off her moorings, and was at the head of Middle Harbour (at least as far as she would go) at a quarter to two o'clock, having taken the circuit of Watson's Bay to take in Mr. Watson, the Pilot, and having also stopped to take in Old Cook, the Middle Harbour Pilot.
To the entrance of Middle Harbour she was propelled at the rate of about ten miles an hour, but was eased several times to about five, which afforded the passengers an opportunity of witnessing some of the picturesque scenes for which the coves in Middle Harbour are distinguished. On her return, she went a few miles outside the Heads, and then, it being early, proceeded up the Parramatta - river as far as Mr. Squires, Kissing Point, arriving at Campbell's Wharf about six o'clock, having completed a distance of upwards of sixty miles.
The engine itself is one of the most complete of the kind ever put together by Watts & Boulton, who are allowed to excel all other Engineers; and the accomodations for parties are elegant and well arranged. About two o'clock, the party sat down to a very superior cold collation, consisting of ducks, fowls, ham, and sweetmeat and fruit in profusion, provided by Mr. Bax, of the Australian Hotel, at the rate of 2s. 6d. a head, which did Mr Bax more than credit. The vessel being at this time between the Heads, the motion created the usual sensation in a few of the visitors, but not so much so as to destroy the pleasure evinced by every individual on board, at the endeavours of the Captain and owners (who were on board) to gratify and accomodate their passengers.
Altogether, the delightful views of Middle Harbour, the grandeur of the Heads, and the softened scenery of Parramatta-river, the pleasing melody of the Band (the 39th Keg.), the urbanity of the Captain and Mr. Lamb, in pointing out, and. displaying the facility of command under which the steam was restrained at pleasure (which was indeed truly astonishing, the works being as accurate as the inside of a watch, and equally as clean); made the excursion a scene of unbroken delight. Consequently as it was the first of the kind, either as to the mode of conveyance, or the promiscuous- ness of the company, infused universal delight, and entitled the owners and Captain Bidduiph to the friendship and hearty good will of the community at large.
Ales, wines (including Champaigne), were flowing after the lunch or dinner, and the prosperity of the concern was drunk with great cheering. The diningroom is a noble apartment, being arranged with the most ingenious regard to utility and comfort. The accomodations between decks are truly admirable. The state cabin is appropriated exclusively to the ladies. The fair sex are always entitled to the best, and certainly their claim is fully conceded on board the Sophia Jane, their apartment having every convenience they could desire, together with superb looking-glass panels, which reflect their charms with all the fidelity of truth.
The day was the most favourable that could be desired. Not a cloud obscured the sky; the sun shone in all its chastened splendour, and a gentle breeze from the westward seemed to refresh and invigorate the joyous passengers.
The Sophia Jane starts tomorrow for the Hunter, to which place she will run regularly. She will also take occasional trips to Windsor, Port Macquarie, Moreton Bay, Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land. The Government having promised their support as far as possible in the conveyance of stores, &c, to our penal settlements.