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2-040 (Text)

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author,male,Felton, Mathew,un addressee
Narrative Discourse
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Private Written
Felton, 1832
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Jany 1st to 5th
During this past month since my arrival in Sydney in consequence of the absence of the Surveyor General, in the interior, I have been doing little more than getting myself settled &c and was engaged at the office for the first time Tracing a sketch of part of the line of Road to the Hunter's River. Purchased a horse for which I am to pay £27 - -
Correcting the same sketch, and tracing one of the Roads to Bathurst.
Finished and delivered to Major Mitchell the sketch of the Roads to Bathurst:-
Continued sketch of the Hunter's River Roads.
At the office untill 1/2 past One, continuing the above sketch:- afterwards engaged in making preparations for my journey - -
Engaged all day in making preparations for my journey - received my written instructions &c.
Engaged in the same way, to-day.
Today drew 3 week's rations and slops for my men and in the evening pitched my tent
Drew my arms and ammunition - engaged the whole day in preparing for my journey.
Completed my preparations & sent my men & equipage forward to Long Bottom,
At 1/4 past 6 P.M. left Sydney in company with Mr Macleod and got to Paramatta to Breakfast - after breakfast assisted him in measuring some allotments adjoining the New Catholic Chapel - Our men passed through & about one O' clock encamped at Broken Back Bridge, where I joined them in the afternoon - slept in my tent
Sunday 17th
Went to Paramatta church afterwards rode round the Government Domain -
Monday 18th Jany 1830
At 1/2 past 6 AM left our station at Broken Back Bridge, and about 2 PM encamped at the back of Best's 15 miles from Paramatta -
Tuesday 19th
Left Bests at 8 O'clock and at 1 PM encamped at the "finger Post" distant 15 miles, and 9 from Wisemans. The Road from Bests hitherto is in many places rough & bad, and, unlike that we travelled yesterday there are no signs of cultivation .. no small farms nor indeed a single habitation of any description nothing but interminable Forest - tho' here and there at the rise of a Hill, the country opens before you and presents a magnificent prospect -
Wednesday 20th
Left the "Finger post" and arrived at Wiseman's on the Hawkesbury. The leading features of the country are the same as in yesterday's march - ranges upon ranges of barren & unprofitable rock without an acre of land available for agricultural purposes. Approaching "Wiseman's" there are some pretty & romantic peeps of the Hawkesbury, winding through the valley; and there is the first good land I have seen in the Colony. It consists of prime but not extensive tracts of alluvial land; but it bears a miserably small proportion to the ranges of useless rock, which here rise perpendicularly to an immense height, clothed with timber & brush from base to summit & giving an irregularly wild & romantic affect to the Scenery. The pencil of Gaspard Poussin alone, could do justice to some of the scenes I have beheld today, with delight & admiration.
Thursday 21st
Measuring Dogherty's Farm, in company of Mr Macleod. Wrote to Major Mitchell (by dray) returning to Sydney, informing him of our arrival here.
Friday 22nd
Measuring Rose's farm - weather for several days has been dull & heavy, and tonight the rain is falling plentifully.
Saturday 23
Heavy rain at intervals throughout the day which has prevented our working in the field. Accompanied by McLeod & Larmer, crossed the River to Wiseman's to procure some corn &c - - Shot (at one shot) two birds of the Cockatoo Species - one of them ash-colour tinged with yellow about the head - throat canary colour - breast a dusky brown back & wings raven - tail consisting of twelve feathers two upper ones raven - 10 others the same colour, banded about the middle with broad bands of bright crimson-edged yellow The other of the same description excepting that it had no yellow about the throat, and had only one broad band of crimson on the 10 tail feathers. The heads irregularly formed with immensely powerful ...............