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2-040 (Original)

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addressee author,male,Felton, Mathew,un
Narrative Discourse
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Private Written
Felton, 1832
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Jany 1st to 5th
During this past month since my arrival in Sydney in consequence of the absence of the Surveyor General, in the interior, I have been doing little more than getting myself settled &c and was engaged at the office for the first time Tracing a sketch of part of the line of Road to the Hunter's River. Purchased a horse for which I am to pay £27 - -
Correcting the same sketch, and tracing one of the Roads to Bathurst.
Finished and delivered to Major Mitchell the sketch of the Roads to Bathurst:-
Continued sketch of the Hunter's River Roads.
At the office untill 1/2 past One, continuing the above sketch:- afterwards engaged in making preparations for my journey - -
Engaged all day in making preparations for my journey - received my written instructions &c.
Engaged in the same way, to-day.
Today drew 3 week's rations and slops for my men and in the evening pitched my tent
Drew my arms and ammunition - engaged the whole day in preparing for my journey.
Completed my preparations & sent my men & equipage forward to Long Bottom,
At 1/4 past 6 P.M. left Sydney in company with Mr Macleod and got to Paramatta to Breakfast - after breakfast assisted him in measuring some allotments adjoining the New Catholic Chapel - Our men passed through & about one O' clock encamped at Broken Back Bridge, where I joined them in the afternoon - slept in my tent
Sunday 17th
Went to Paramatta church afterwards rode round the Government Domain -
Monday 18th Jany 1830
At 1/2 past 6 AM left our station at Broken Back Bridge, and about 2 PM encamped at the back of Best's 15 miles from Paramatta -
Tuesday 19th
Left Bests at 8 O'clock and at 1 PM encamped at the "finger Post" distant 15 miles, and 9 from Wisemans. The Road from Bests hitherto is in many places rough & bad, and, unlike that we travelled yesterday there are no signs of cultivation .. no small farms nor indeed a single habitation of any description nothing but interminable Forest - tho' here and there at the rise of a Hill, the country opens before you and presents a magnificent prospect -
Wednesday 20th
Left the "Finger post" and arrived at Wiseman's on the Hawkesbury. The leading features of the country are the same as in yesterday's march - ranges upon ranges of barren & unprofitable rock without an acre of land available for agricultural purposes. Approaching "Wiseman's" there are some pretty & romantic peeps of the Hawkesbury, winding through the valley; and there is the first good land I have seen in the Colony. It consists of prime but not extensive tracts of alluvial land; but it bears a miserably small proportion to the ranges of useless rock, which here rise perpendicularly to an immense height, clothed with timber & brush from base to summit & giving an irregularly wild & romantic affect to the Scenery. The pencil of Gaspard Poussin alone, could do justice to some of the scenes I have beheld today, with delight & admiration.
Thursday 21st
Measuring Dogherty's Farm, in company of Mr Macleod. Wrote to Major Mitchell (by dray) returning to Sydney, informing him of our arrival here.
Friday 22nd
Measuring Rose's farm - weather for several days has been dull & heavy, and tonight the rain is falling plentifully.
Saturday 23
Heavy rain at intervals throughout the day which has prevented our working in the field. Accompanied by McLeod & Larmer, crossed the River to Wiseman's to procure some corn &c - - Shot (at one shot) two birds of the Cockatoo Species - one of them ash-colour tinged with yellow about the head - throat canary colour - breast a dusky brown back & wings raven - tail consisting of twelve feathers two upper ones raven - 10 others the same colour, banded about the middle with broad bands of bright crimson-edged yellow The other of the same description excepting that it had no yellow about the throat, and had only one broad band of crimson on the 10 tail feathers. The heads irregularly formed with immensely powerful ............... [NN] as jaws the under part of the beak quite square - & the upper part curved like all birds of the parrot kind - They were both of the same size & measured from tip to tip of the wings 3 feet 3 ins. and from beak to tail 19 ins -
Sunday 24th Jany
Took a ride round the different little vallies to the Eastward of our camp: the scenery is everywhere of the same magnificent description range upon range of rocky hills 4 or 500 feet in height, rising high over vallies, partly swamp, but still of the richest and most luxuriant alluvial soil - and wanting only English Capital and English industry to render them productive in the highest degree. The slopes of the hills too at the lower part where they are free from rock are well covered with very good herbage. Indeed land in the neighbourhood of Bath and of other places I know, of a description inferior to this, lets as high as 40/ to 50s/ an acre. - Two of our men this morning killed a black snake measuring about four feet six inches. It had just cast its skin when taken. On being opened, it was found to contain as many as eighteen (18) small ones ............ [NN] 10 ins. long each enclosed in a separate wrap or bag sufficient proof that the black snake at least, is not oviparous, as some have maintained to be the case with all snakes.
Monday 25th
Went up Webb's Creek for the purpose of measuring Smith's - Rose's & Grono's Farms but being misinformed as to the distance, was obliged to return at night for the purpose of procuring provisions &c. These Farms are situated about 15 miles from the mouth of the Creek which is passable in a boat only about 10 miles. About a mile beyond the Creek ............... [NN] altogether & becomes only a succession of fresh water Lagoons..
Tuesday 26th Jany 1830
Tuesday 26th Jany 1830
Started in a boat with five men & provisions for 3 days began measuring Smith's (or Hearn's) Farm: the land is very difficult of access, from the quantity of water which covers it in many places - & from the swampy nature of a great part of it.
Jany 27th-28th
Finished Smith's and began measuring Rose's Farm Finished Rose's Farm - and returned to the Camp - from the difficulties I met with in measuring these two Farms, I was deterred from commencing Grono's which is of the same description and much more extensive:- fearing that if I remained to finish it, I should not reach the camp by the time the bullocks returned from Sydney, and should thereby occasion a delay which is contrary to the spirit of my instructions. Such would certainly have been the case - for the bullocks returned this night to our camp 
Friday 29
Drawing sketches and preparing Reports of the Farms measured by me in this neighbourhood. The weather has been oppressively hot, and since dark there have been heavy storms of thunder, lightning & rain - wrote to major Mitchell a letter to accompany my reports
Saturday 30th
Wrote fair Copies of my letter & reports to send by Wiseman's man to Paramatta tomorrow morng Drew 14 days' rations from Wiseman's and sent the men forward to 12 mile hollow Twelve (now Ten) Mile Hollow - The Great North Road continues northward to the left, Simpson's Track (after Percy Simpson, engineer for the road's construction) branches off eastwards to the right. Stone footings of a building are amongst the trees in the centre.
Sunday 31st
Dined at Mr Simpson's
Monday 1st February
Thick & heavy rain during the day. In the afternoon left Wiseman's accompanied by Mr Larmer, & two guides for the Iron Gang Party No 9 distant 12 miles, where we arrived about 10 O' clock. I have suffered during the whole of this afternoon from a severe attack of Cholera Morbus which rendered me almost incapable of walking
Tuesday 2nd
Detained at the huts all day by illness & by heavy & incessant rain
Wednesday 3rd
Left the huts and reached the camp at Hungry Flat. Rain all day.
Thursday 4th
Heavy rain the greater part of the day but being very anxious to push on we travelled as far as Dennis's Dog Kennel.
Friday 5th
Weather fine, proceeded as far as Finch's
Saturday 6th Feby
In consequence of Mr Macleod not having joined us, I determined to await him here:- in the event he returned - & brought me a fresh man in lieu of O'Regan, who, for drunkenness & insolence was sent to an iron gang.
Sunday 7th
Walked to the summit of one of the loftiest ranges - the view was extensive - but both the mind & the eye become wearied of gazing on such interminable tracts of forest: I want the fine, open varied & expansive prospects which is presented from the hills in dear England. -
Monday 8th
Early in the morng moved from Finch's and proceeded to Blaxland's stock station on the Wollombi.- The country through which we have travelled today is different from any I have before seen - the ranges are less lofty, there rises more thickly clothed with herbage, & the vallies are rich & varied, affording excellent pasture. indeed the kind of scenery reminded me much of walking through rock and land in Somersetshire excepting that the trees are not apple. -
Tuesday 9th
Left the Station and arrived at the Reserve of Broke on the Wollombi - country similar to that we passed through yesterday.- Shot a large brown eagle measuring upwards of seven feet across the wings.
Wednesday 10th
Assisted Mr Macleod in measuring the government Reserve of Broke, on the Wollombi.. country picturesque, but great part of the land very poor & (though flat) abounding in Iron Bark - & in some parts with Apple and Gum -
Thursday 11th
Measuring a line of Road from the Reserve of Broke N32º30'W towards the Reserve of Hay on the River Hunter - measured 6 miles & encamped. Visited the first camp of the natives, I have seen. There were about 60 men, women & children. I remained with them about an hour & saw them return for the night, each party or family kindling its own separate fire apart from the others. The place they were encamped in was a romantic spot on the bank of the Wollombi, and the scene altogether was to me one of peculiar interest. They were very curious [NN] in observing every article of my dress & everything about me and were particularly amused with my watch & a pocket compass, especially the latter the use of which they appeared in some measure to comprehend. A whistle too which I wore suspended from my neck they were much pleased with & were very anxious to make it sound as I did -
I prevailed on some of them to "give me a specimen of their skill in throwing the "Boomerang" a weapon which is composed of hard wood nearly in the shape of a crescent, which they throw from them to a great distance, causing it to describe a circle and fall again at their feet. They asked us to see their "gins" or wives & very obligingly invited us to select a good one each & invitation, which I did not feel at all disposed to avail myself of. They are amazingly quick of comprehension & caught my name in a moment pronouncing it well & distinctly - they were much amused at our awkward attempts at pronouncing some of the native names - They are certainly a less disgusting set than those in the neighbourhood of Sydney indeed one of them named "Wednesday" was really a very fine man - but many of them are ugly & loathsome from dirt & starvation & I observed several who appeared to have defective eyes.
Friday 12th
This morning our black acquaintances surrounded our tents & two of the women & several children were delighted with some bread & tea which I gave them - Measuring the line on to the Reserve of Haye - nine miles & then walked to the Camp which was pitched on Howes Farm adjoining the Reserve & on the West bank of the Hunter. This is one of the great Rivers of Australia, & to my astonishment I found it now nothing but a wide bed of sand & gravel - with here & there a dirty pool of stagnant water. The heat for several days has been excessive & I have suffered much measuring over burning sand from thirst & fatigue
Saturday Feby 13th
Finished on line of Road & measuring two section lines to meet it -
14th Sunday -
Monday 15th
Measuring the Reserve of Haye
Tuesday 16th
Do - Do -
Wednesday 17th
Do - much rain throughout the day.
Thursday 18th
Finished measuring the reserve of Haye - The extreme difficulty we had in finding the boundaries from having no person to point them out and from the incorrectness in many places, of the section line, has caused to be longer in making this survey than we otherwise should have been - In the afternoon left the camp with Mr Macleod and encamped at night on the village Reserve, on the banks of the Wollombi -
Friday 19th
Measuring the village reserve - proceeded & reached Mr Mudie's on Patrick's plains - this is a fine open tract of land of about 5000 acres, commanding a fine view; & afforded great relief to the mind & the eye after travelling so long through pathless forest.
Saturday 20th
Left Mudie's and arrived at Dalwood's Mr Geo Wyndham's - here Mr Macleod left me in order to proceed to Newcastle.
Sunday 21
at Dalwood's - walked with Mr Wyndham to "Luscintyre" Mr Macleod's - this is a very fine part of the River - the country is open & beautiful and the houses of the settlers are of a very superior description
Monday 22nd
Procured three week's rations from Mr Wyndham and left Dalwood's - encamped opposite to Mr Mudie's -
Tuesday 23
Returned to the camp on the reserve of "Haye" - encountered the most terrific thunderstorm I ever witnessed, which continued nearly 2 hours -
Wednesday 24
Rain all day
Thursday 25
Measuring and tracing the hills, gullies &c - on the Reserve of Haye
Friday 26
Ditto - Ditto: - heavy rain great part of the day
Saturday 27
Miserable wet day - rough plan of the reserve of Hay - -
Sunday 28
Heavy Rain all day - reading & writing
Monday March 1st
Fine day - drawing fair plan of the reserve of Haye
Tuesday 2nd
Finished my fair plan & prepared my Report which I sent to Major Mitchell by way of Wallis Plains
Wednesday 3rd
Heavy rain - awaiting the arrival of stores from Newcastle
Thursday 4
Waiting the return of Mr Macleod - walked round the boundaries of the Reserve & double marked all the corner pins -
Friday 5
Waiting the return of Mr Macleod with stores. Writing letters all day.
Saturday 6th
Do - very wet
Sunday 7th
Writing & reading - fine day
Monday 8
Mr Mcleod & Mr Larmer returned unpacking stores, & c
Tuesday 9th
Unpacking & taking acct of stores &c &c - a total eclipse of the Moon, which commenced a little after 9 in the eveng, total darkness at 1/4 before ten which lasted two hours.
Wednesday 10th
Weighing rations &c Mr Larmer receiving stores &c &c went to Patrick Plains
Thursday 11th
Sent on the cart to Dalwood's and remained all day at Mr Mudies -
Friday 12th
Left Mr Mudies & got to Dalwood to dinner - retd the 3 weeks rations borrowed of Mr Wyndham -
Saturday 13th
Rode to Wallis's Plains; called at Mr Campbell's & left directions, about a table returned to Dalwood to dinner -
Sunday 14th
Spent the day at Dalwood
Monday 15th
Left Dalwood & reached Mr Mudie's -
Tuesday 16th
Left Patrick Plains & retd to the Camp at Hay
Wednesday 17
Set my men to work in erecting a hut for the reception of the stores - -
Thursday 18
Superintending the work
Friday 19
Do - - recg stores from & weighing Rations to Mr Macleod -
Saturday 20
Do - Do -
Sunday 21
Reading & writing - rode up to the top of a lofty hill at the back of Larmer's house - commanding a most extensive view - Mt Dangar (or "Wandi") clearly visible
Monday 22
Superintending the work at the hut.
Tuesday 23
Do - Do - completed Do weighing rations to Mr Abbott
Wednesday 24
Removing the stores from the tents to the hut - weighing & taking of same
Thursday 25
Do Do weighing Rations to my own party &c -
Friday 26
Tracing pt of the River and Road from Jerry's Plains towards the Wollombi. 9 miles measures - could not reach the Camp until 9 O'clock, having left it at 1/2 past 7 in the morng - -
Saturday 27
In consequence of having lost one of my men with my instrument, I was detained at Camp today -
Sunday 28
Reading & writing - very wet day
Monday 29
Left the Camp at "Hay" - measured five miles of Road and encamped at Onus's on the Wollombi ..
Tuesday 30
Removed from Onus's & encamped at Rodd's - dined at Mr Jno Blaxland's -
Wednesday 31
Mr Blaxland rode out with me for the purpose of pointing out a line of road - rain great part of the day
Thursday 1st
Commenced a Survey of the Banks of the Wollombi -
Friday 2nd
Measuring all day
Saturday 3rd
Do - Do - very wet afternoon.
Sunday 4th
Reading & writing - dined at Mr Blaxland's
Monday 5th
Very wet day - drawing in my tent
Tuesday 6th
Do - Do - Do -
Wednesday 7th
Tracing part of the "Broken beg" Range
Thursday 8th
Ditto - Do - ascended "Mattawei" or the Yellow Rock for the purpose of taking bearings - encountered great difficulty & danger in descending from the Cliffs, which is of great height & in many places perpendicular. It consists of a very fine hard white sandstone - very similar in appearance to freestone - intermixed with strata of limestone The side & summit abound in Myrtle brush & in great variety of beautiful evergreens. There is also in great abundance, a peculiar plant very much resembling the "candle" plant in form and appearance The stems are hollow and when broken, a white milky liquid exudes which has the most powerfully bitter taste of anything I ever met with.
Friday 9th April
Good Friday - a very wet day - reading, writing &c in my tent
Saturday 10th
A very wet day - plotting my work &c &c
Sunday 11th
Easter Sunday - fine day - reading & writing in my tent - evening set in very wet
Monday 12th
Very heavy rain all day; drawing fair plan of Road from the Wollombi to Jerry's Plains -
Tuesday 13th
Measuring - rain during the day - sent plan of the Road to Major Mitchell -
Wednesday 14th
Weather fine measuring all day
Thursday 15th
Ditto - Ditto -
Friday 16th
Ditto - Ditto -
Saturday 17th 
Rained incessantly [NN] - measuring & plotting my work
Sunday 18th
Weather variable & cold. reading & writing &c
Monday 19th
Measuring all day
Tuesday 20th
Ditto - removed my Camp to Townsend's
Wednesday 21 Thursday 22 Friday 23
Saturday 24
At home plotting my track &c
Sunday 25
Reading & writing dined at Mr Townsend's
Monday 26 Tuesday 27
Wednesday 28th
29th 30th
Measuring & travelling - bullocks very troublesome - broke every thing to pieces
Saturday May 1st
Travelling up the Brook
Sunday 2nd
Reading & writing in my tent
3rd to 8th
Measuring - removed up the Brook
Tuesday 9th
Reading & writing in my tent
May 10th - 14th
Measuring - removed to Finch's - finished the Survey, as far as Wiseman's.
Saturday 15th.
Plotting my work
Sunday 16th
Reading & writing to ....................... [NN] 
17th to 22nd
Plotting - and drawing fair Plans of the Wollombi
Sunday 23
Reading, writing &c
Monday 24
Drawing fair plan
Tuesday 25th
Do & packing baggage - dispatched 2 men to Hayes
Wednesday 26th
Rode to Hay for the purpose of taking charge of Mr Rogers's equipment examg stores &c &c
27th 28th
Weighing & examining stores, &c
Rode to Mr Glennie's for the purpose of lodging an information against Denham storekeeper who has absented himself
Sunday 30th
Reading & writing all day
Monday 31st
Taking acct of Mr Rogers equipmt & stores & riding about endeavouring to borrow tools to set the men at work
June 1 & 2nd
Very wet all day unable to remove from Hay
3 - 4th
Travelling - slept at Rodds - arrived at Finch's
Drawg rations wet day
Sunday 6th
Reading &c
Removed from Finch's - measuring
8th to 12th
Measuring - finished my Survey of the Wollombi.
Sunday 13th
Reading &c rode over to Mr Finch's - was induced to join Mr Finch & Ogilvie on an expedition to Yungo for the purpose of acquiring a general knowledge of the country & making myself acquainted with some of the leading points in my own projected Survey
Monday 14
Left Finch's and bivouacked on the mountains after travelling about 10 miles
Tuesday 15
travelling encamped in a valley about 5 miles from Yungo
Ascended Yungo - took bearings to all the leading points in the Broken Back Range &c &c
Left the camp and traversed the ranges for the purpose of discovering the connection of the main Range with the mountain of Warang very wet day & being unable to regain our camp we passed the night in a cave or "Giba Gunyah" about 3 miles from Warang.
Returned to the Camp
Returned to Finch's - slept there &c
Sunday 20
I reached my own tents - reading & writing during the remainder of the day.
June Monday 21st
Plotting my work
Tuesday 22 Wednesday 23 Thursday 24
Ditto Finished my fair plan of the Wollombi-
Friday 25th
Writing report - preparing my baggage &c
Saturday 26
Packing useless baggage to send to Finch's - drawing Rations. copying sheet of fair plan [NN] &c &c
Sunday 27
Reading Writing &c
Monday 28th
Removed down the Brook - below the Conabeare Reserve - slept at Finch's and borrowed a horse of him to proceed to Hay
In consequence of letter from Mr Kentish started for Hay but could get no farther than Blaxland's tonight
Left Blaxland and arrived at hay
July 1
Ascended the Ranges with Mr Kentish in search of the clear station "Wambook" but was unsuccessfull
I succeeded in finding Wambook
Pointing out to Mr Kentish the boundaries of the Reserve of Hay's junction of the Roads, the Ford &c
Sunday 4
Left Hay and slept at Rodds
Returned to my camp & from thence to Finch's where I slept
Preparing to ascend the Broken Back
Ascended the "Broken Back" from Conabeare Reserve & marked the leading Range a distance of about 12 miles
Ascended the mountains with my equipment and commenced measuring the leading Range
9 & 10th
Sunday 11
Very wet day - reading & writing
12 to 17
Tracing the Broken Back ......................... [NN] 
Sunday 18
Reading & writing in my tent
19 & 20
wet foggy day ................ [NN] 
22, 23, 24
Sunday 25
Wet day. Reading & writing
Marking the leading Range
Very wet and foggy all day
Do Do measuring - sent packet of letters to Sydney
Very wet day
Sunday August 1st
Reading & writing
2 & 3
Measuring - descended from the Broken Back
4 & 5
Endeavouring to trace & marking the country [NN] between the Broken Back Range and the Myall or the .......... [NN] 
6 & 7
Measuring Do
Sunday 8
Detained at Pender's [NN] by the loss of my bullocks
Travelling camped at .................... [NN] 
Augt 13
Augt 13
Plotting my work - despatched two letters for Sarah & Mrs Lange to Mr Duncombe -
- Plotting my work
Sunday 15
- Reading & writing Agilose [NN] dined with me
16 to 21
- Plotting & drawing a fair plan 20th 21st heavy rain day and night
Sunday 22
Reading & writing heavy rain continued intensely all day.
Drawing rations - writing report packing baggage
Packing & Preparing baggage
Removed to ........ [NN] Bay but unable to cross on acct of the flow - tracing the Range
Tracing & marking the leading Range
Examining & packing stores sent from Sydney ................................. [NN] articles to Finch's
Crossed the brook & commenced measuring
Sunday 29
Reading &c.
Started with 3 men and four days provisions to trace the leading range left the tents at [NN] O'clock encamped for the night in a gully at 1/2 past nine. Storms all day
Recommenced working [NN] at 8 O'clock about 10 got a view of Lake Macquarie & endeavoured to trace the Range running from Warrawalong - lost ourselves in a thick scrub. regained the leading range and encamped for the night at five O'clock -
Returned to the tents and moved the Camp to the leading Range
Began measuring - but stopped by the rain
Sunday 5
Reading & writing
6 7
Measuring finished measuring the range at its junction with the range west of Lake Macquarie Traced & marked a portion of the leading Range & endeavoured to find the branch connecting it with Warrawalong
Descended from the Range & travelled from the head of Watagan Creek to Corranban
Finished my rough plan & -
11 12
Drawing fair plan writing report &c &c Reading & ~ sent letters to Anne, Sarah & Jas Baker
Mr Finch being unable to accompany me to day I prepared my baggage &c &c
Travelling encamped by Mt Macquoid
15 16
Exploring & marking the leading Range from Mt Macquoid to Warrawalong & returned to the camp
Sept 17 & 18 -
Sunday 19
Reading & writing
Measuring ascended to the summit of Warrawalong
started with four men and carrying four days provisions to explore the Range to Broken Bay Walked about 20 miles and encamped near the head of a Creek I afterwards ascertained to be Tuggerah Creek
Proceeded on our journey. About ............ [NN] began to rain heavily. Found [NN] ........ gunyah where ..... [NN] remained all night-
Early this morng recommenced ..................... [NN] & after walking till about 3 O'Clock found to my great mortification ............................ [NN] abruptly in a gulley, the head of Tuggerah Creek .................................. [NN] which .................... [NN] to Kangiangi Mr Heeley's stock station where we Passed the night-
Walked to Mr Heeley's Farm on Narara Creek & From thence took a boat to Mr Anderson's at Brisbane Water who supplied me with rations & At whose house we stopped for the night-
............. [NN] upon the right Range & commenced tracing [NN] ............. [NN] 
26 27
Tracing the range and descending at the head of .................................... [NN] at Corrabare about five O'Clock after ................. [NN] and ............................... [NN] 
Finished sketch of the Range from Mt Macquoid to Warrawalong
Very wet days - writing letters &c &c
Unable to cross the Brook on acct of the flood - writing &c
Sunday 3
Reading & writing & -
Looking up different articles left at Mr Finch's & Preparing baggage &c - brook still impassable-
Left Coranben and sent my camp on to the foot of the Range - being detained by packing baggage at Finch's - slept At Wiseman's
Joined my camp and ascended the Range from Mt Macquoid
7 to 9
Measuring the Range to Broken Bay
Sunday 10
Reading writing &c
11 to 16
Tracing the Range reached from Broken Bay Saturday night
Sunday 17
Reading &c
18 19 20
Finishing rough Plan writing Report &c &c
Removed up the water to Webb's-
October 22nd
Wet day - crossed the water to Anderson's
Rode over the flat behind Webb's, tracing the Creek &c
Monday 25
Left Brisbane Water - walked to N. Harbour
Arrived in Sydney
from this time to 20th December I was in Sydney
Decr 20
Decr 20
Left Sydney - got to N. Harbour
Reached Anderson's
Returned to my camp at Erinna Creek
Rode over the range to Anderson's
Weighing rations arranging & preparing baggage &c &c
Xmas Day - dined with Mr Watson at Erinna -
Sunday - rode with Mr Watson & Mr Slade to Wamberal.
Preparing baggage - procuring harness from Anderson's
Commenced marking the Range - intending to trace it to it's [sic] junction with that from Mt Macquoid to Broken Bay -
Ditto - lost the Range in consequence of the thickness of the brush and descended into an extensive valley which I afterwards discovered to be Tuggerah Creek -
Endeavoured to ascend Tuggerah Creek but after wandering about for several hours scarcely able to proceed for the brush - found myself close to last night's camping place - ascended another Range which I traversed with great difficulty, but at length got on the first one marked and which separates the waters of Tuggerah Creek from the sea -
Returned along the Range towards Bean's farm - Traced several branches of Erina Creek to their heads and marked several ranges but could not find that I am in search of.