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2-034 (Text)

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Sydney October 20th 1829 to Mr David Hope Glasgow
My dear Cousin,
I have lately received a letter from Mssrs Gregory Thomson & Co Kilmarnock Concerning the goods sent me appointing Mr How to settle them / be assured I am extreamly glad - has it as been a source of vexation and trouble to me and no doubt they will think I have not acted right with them, but I hope as soon as Mr H can sit down with me he will be able to convince them and you I have done my best / the state the Colony has been in these last three years has rendered impossible for any one to make good their acccounts, you complain loudly of my not writeing - there may be some Cause but not quite so bad as you of course must think, as I understand you have not received any letters since Jany 1827 No 21 /So Mr How said you told him and which I immediately referred to my Book and showed him dates 19 June 1828 No 22 by the Megonet