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Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, Oct. 14, 1829 
His Excellency the Governor directs it to be notified, with Reference to the 5th Paragraph of the Government Order of 5th September, 1826, No. 35, that the Boundaries of the Colony within which Settlers will be permitted to select Land have been fixed, for the present, as follows, viz. - 
On the North[226]
The River Manning, from the Sea-Coast, Westward, to the Chain of Mountains at the Head of that River; and that Chain, extending in a general Direction nearly Westward, from Mount Royal to a Conical Summit distant four and a half Miles, North 46 ° West, from the Burning Hill at Wingan, and continuing thence Westward, by Oxley's Peak and Pandora's Pass, to where it is intersected by a Line due North from the Station at Wellington Valley; so as to include all the Streams, Valleys, and Ravines which descend to the Rivers Goulburn and Hunter.
On the West
The Line above-mentioned to the Station on the Junction of the Rivers Bell and Macquarie, at Wellington Valley; thence the Macquarie to the Junction of the Currigurra Rivulet at the North-Western Angle of the County of Bathurst; thence the Western Boundary of that County, as described below, and a Line in Continuation thereof bearing due South to the Pic of Pabral, a remarkable Mountain of a Conical Form; and thence the Mountains of Warragong, a lofty Chain which extends first Southward from Pabral, and then Eastward.
On the South
The Chain of Mountains extending from Mount Murray, the highest Point of Warragong Chain, by the Twins, two remarkable Pics in the Latitude of Bateman Bay, named Tindery by the Natives; and thence an East Line to the Shoal-Haven River at the South-Western Angle of the County of Saint Vincent, and that River and the River Murroo, according to the County Boundary, as described below, to the Sea-Coast.
On the East
The Sea-coast, from the Mouth of the Murroo, to the Mouth of the Manning.
Thirty-four thousand five hundred and five, 34,505, Square Miles, or Twenty-two Million Eighty-three thousand and two hundred, 22,083,200 Acres.