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2-018 (Original)

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addressee,male author,female,King, Harriet,un
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Teale, 1982
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There is a good deal said about the Bushrangers, but I feel no fear about them. Hayes [the overseer] makes a man keep watch and with your father's blunderbuss ready loaded, if he is absent any night. By the absence of Hayes and family the house is more commodious but I think it advisable to build another room, corresponding to the nursery. It is a very nice house indeed now, far better than I expected, the verandah is all round and a very nice width . . . Hayes I insisted to do a great deal more. I have applied for a Carpenter and some more men, there is a great difficulty in getting them, but Hannibal thinks they will not refuse me. One of my vexations was the prospect of Nannys leaving me, her brother persuaded her to come to Sydney and to marry a young man there. However I have talked her out of it, as she told me she did not feel any particular wish for the man, only her brother told her he was respectable and it was a good match for her. I am going to give her higher wages and she is not to be so exclusively with the children - indeed it is one persons work to attend the stores from 5 in the morning till Bedtime there is no rest, and while I am nursing I cannot always go, so I thought I had better offer Nanny anything to remain here. My expenses here will be very trifling. I have been very busy unpacking ever since I came here; but I continue to teach Essington & Robert their lessons everyday, I also try to keep them in proper subjection, but it is no easy task to manage so many Boys, for Charles & Frederick now come in for their share of correction. [70]
[27 August 1827] Oh could I but know where you are, and how you are, it is a long time since we met; but I must banish gloomy thoughts when addressing you, but at times I feel our separation very painful. This will inform you of our being all well, your dear Boys, are in excellent health, and a great comfort to me; I have so much to attend to with them, and the farm concerns, during the day I have little leisure for reflection . . . In another fortnight I hope to despatch my cartload of butter and poultry to market, Mrs Flanagan is very attentive to the latter, and I have a woman who understands the making of butter very nicely.
[22 October 1827] I cannot do without 3 women at present, on account of the washing. We wash everything at home, and what with the Dairy, poultry, Baking, making candles, & so on, we find plenty to do. I have very little meat from the Butchers, as we reserve fresh meat whenever a Bullock is killed. I have upwards of 40 young Turkey, 50 young chickens. My Ducks & Geese we had bad luck with. The crows carried off many of the former, and a large Dog killed 18 of the latter, just as they [were] coming out of the shell. However we shall do better next time. I believe I have eleven Goslings coming on strong. Mrs Flanagan is very attentive .