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2-016 (Text)

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addressee author,female,Brooks, Christiana,41
Narrative Discourse
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Clarke, 1992
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january 7th 1826
The festivities of the season commenced at Denham Court on the second inst. (the first being on Sunday) and were kept up with great spirit by a party of sixteen from Sydney who were met here by all our country neighbours - On Monday we set down at dinner forty in number - sixteen of whom were accommodated with beds in the house, besides fifteen servants in the kitchen and out houses. ...
jany 10
The new Colonial Secretary has arrived, and Major Goulburn has given up to him the cares and duties of an office of great responsibility during the later administration. - 'Nothing can promise more favourably than the energy with which General Darling has commenced his Government - that he is a man of business we have every reason to believe, and that he will cause "everyman to do his duty' we may be allowed to anticipate from the prompt government orders for the reorganization of the several Public Departments. 
jany 26
I don't know how some of our great men will relish the late General Orders, but I imagine many of them will be quite unprepared to comply with them...
During the Administration of Sir T B everything was left to the Heads of Department, but when the murmur of discontent rose at the inefficient measures adopted, these petty sovereigns would willingly have shifted the burden from their own shoulders - General D if I mistake not will be Governor in Chief and the Heads of Departments will no longer be allowed to consider themselves as so many Heads of the Colony, whether they be the Accreditted Agents of the British Government "or the trusty and well beloved of George the Fourth", or our own Kings' own "Visitors" all will find themselves subjected to the power of Major General Ralph Darling etc. etc. I confess for my part I would prefer one Tyrant if needs must, to half a score petty usurpers. - 
Feby 20th
The Governor has begun by giving dinner parties to about 20 persons, and seems inclined to be sociable with the better part of the inhabitants: It is said Mrs D is rather gay and is fond of dancing - the young folks will have reason to rejoice should anything like the old times in Governor Macquarie's day be revived.
March 5
This is the anniversary of our landing in this Colony, and 12 years has made such an alteration in everything here that a comparison would be very amusing, say, "Sydney in the year 1816", and "Sydney in the year 1826", or we will take a less period and say 1817 - the year which the Bank of N. S. Wales was established: by the end of this year it is believed there will be three Banks, three newspapers and three steam engines - Bob Howe says ADVANCE AUSTRALIA but this is advancing with rapid strides.
The Governor's Orders appear to be issued without respect to persons, the highest in office, or the meanest subordinate appear to be equally called upon, equally required to do their duty. I for my part admire the prompt measures of General Darling, he requires of every man to do his duty as it is pointed out to him: he does not need any person to tell him what is necessary but appears to be a man of business equally for arranging and carrying into execution. - 
March 15
The inhabitants of the country are once more restored to a state of security by the Execution of some, and the capture of almost all that desperate hords of bushrangers which have for many months been the scourge of the country - the efficient and prompt measures adopted by General D on this occasion will lend much to keep alive that respect and veneration for his character which already begin to manifest themselves toward him as Governor.
The School of Industry patronised by Mrs D seems better adapted in its plans as a system for the Orphan Institution, and could be carried with effect without any additional subscription - a plan of so much utility in a new Colony like this as "A School for the Education of Female Servants" will however not want support, I feel convinced, while the F' Ladies are only called upon for their one pound one, and a little of their time, and attention, and whence their names are associated in the same list with those of the polished, the feeling, the benevolent, and the conscientious Mrs A Mrs B Mrs C Mrs D and altho I entertain little hope that in the present generation it will be of much service while the population continues as about