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2-008 (Text)

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Laura Ann Short was indicted for stealing a gold ring, value 10s, a gold brooch, value 10s, and another brooch, value 5s, the goods and chattels of Daniel Whitehead.
A second count laid the property to be that of Ann Whitehead. 
The prisoner pleaded Not Guilty; and, as a matter of courtesy by the Court, permission was given that she might be accommodated with a seat.
ANN WHITEHEAD sworn; - examined, by Dr. Wardell, on behalf of the prosecution. Knows the prisoner, L. Ann Short; they were at one time on terms of intimacy together. Prisoner was in the habit of visiting at witness's house, very frequently. She has sometimes come to her house four and five times in a day. Prisoner made a visit on the 30th of January last - it was for the purpose of writing a letter for witness, to send to England; it was about 11 o'clock in the forenoon, when she came. Witness procured a sheet of paper and prisoner began to write the letter. A good deal of conversation ensued on various subjects; and, whilst prisoner was about to conclude the letter which she had written, two men came into the room where witness and prisoner were sitting. One of the two persons, a man named Samuel Cooley, tapped prisoner on the shoulder