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1-271 (Raw)

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author,female,Reibey, Mary,48 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Irvine, 1992
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Sydney June 19th 1825
My dear Cousin,
I merely write you a short Epistle to say we are very well and another separation is going to take place with part of my family. I told you in my last, of them all comeing up on a visit to Sydney and Thomas going to sea for the benefit of his Health he is now returned and is greatly recovered from his complaint which was in great measure a lowness of Spirit caused by the loss of his sister J Bn who was his delight, those Two above anything on this earth I think his whole soul where Centered in. [90] he is now going down to Port Dalrymple where his Farms and Stock are with his family who as been stoping with me during his absence for six months consisting of wife 3 children and Three servants. they embark the day after tomorrow God send them safe to their desired homes, well then after dispatching them off how many do you think I have inmates of my House then. why their is my second son James and his wife their is Mrs Thomson and her Two children and servants. myself and daughter Elizabeth and mostly my sisters daughter Eliza and with my 3 servants we have a pretty good housefull. we also expect Mr & Mrs Atkinson to stop with us a week or two shortly till their House is finished but my House is pretty large. its capable of holding as many more it keeps me pretty busy. I have sent you by Capt McKellan 17 Sydney Gazzette from Nos 1109 to 1125 of our weekly Express from No 1 to 727 of the Australian from No 1 to 36, 1 Australian Agricultural Compy for 1824 - the minitures are not done. I am afraid I shall not be able to get them done for some time as we have only man here that is clever and he is almost in a state of enibriety. I have begun a long letter to you which will be forwarded to you by the ship Phenix and which I daresay you will receive before this it will inclose the first of a bill of exchange on the Lords of the Treasury for £100 stg and the 2nd of the one sent by the ship Hope Capt Norris for £100 Stg I hope you are in possesion of before now. I am very anxious for letters from you now it being time we should have receipts for £30-12-4 sent at different times before this. I must now conclude I am afraid I shall be too late to get them on Board from
Your ever affectionate Cousin, M. Reibey
They all desire their love and Respects