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1-269 (Text)

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addressee,male author,female,Reibey, Mary,48
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Irvine, 1992
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Feby 9th - 1825
My dear Cousin
by the Ship Mangles and by the Son of your Agent Mr Broadfoot of Leith I send you a few lines to say that with myself my family here are all well health and much the same as when I last wrote you. they all desire their love and respects and are anxiously waiting letters from you. it is now sometime Since and I think it long in not receiving one from you. Mr Broadfoot has been living a short time with us and says he will see you therefore he will be able to give you more information than I Can Communicate through Paper. I think him a very amiable young man and very steady I have a very high opinion of him, I regret much not having the Money for What goods are Sold handed over to me according to Promise by this Conveyance. I should have Considered it very Safe by Mr Broadfoot but so it is I have been disapointed very much which has grieved me Sorely. I expect by the next vessel Sails from here in about a month I shall be able to send some part or all for what is sold. I should like if Possible you to apoint an Agent to receive the Money here the Agent for the Australian Company Wld. oblige you to remit the Cash with his / I have Sent from the residue of the goods to my House from the Commission Wharehouse and Which I will endevour to sell myself they have offered 2d a lb. for the paint but which I shall not take. I have inclosed for your inspection the Acct Sales, if you have not laid the Money out namely the £60 Sterling which I wrote you to do for me in goods you may Keep that with the interest and put to my Credit. having lately made use of some of your goods on my own account Which you shall have a regular Acct of whenever it will be my fortune to receive the Cash for What is actually sold; I shall not lose a moment in remitting it. I have sent by Mr Broadfoot our last years Almanack and last Sydney Gazzette with one No 17 newspaper the Australian, and the Pelin