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Dec. 1825
On the 14 inst. I visited Sydney and did not return till the 21 - as this was in itself a great event so great events might be expected, and General Darling's arrival on the 17th may be recorded as an era of some importance to the Colony of N. S. Wales. His Excellency was sworn in on 19, and on the 20th he landed publicly, and was attended with all due honours. - We hope great things from the administration of General D who is represented as being firm and impartial, just and determined; a character which if he merits is just what we need in a Governor.  
There are many changes about to take place in this Colony, and in our sister settlement of Van Diemens' Land. This is very encouraging to us as it shews we are increasing in importance as "a promising appendage to the British Territory's in the East".
There is some change in the Members of Council and some additions under the denomination of an Executive Council. This is all we need at present. I would have the Governor Supreme, assisted and advised by his Council, but having a will of his own, I would also have three members. A Council chosen annually, by which change every party would be likely to have friends in the administration nothing can be better chosen than the present members - the head of the Law, of the Church, of the State and of the Mercantile and Landed interests - we ought to be contented, and I trust we shall have reason to be so.
Dec. 25
Christmas is always a time much to be dreaded in this country by the sober and well inclined. Drunken husbands distress their peacably disposed wives: and well disposed men have to lament the riotous dispositions of their mates who cannot resist temptation which these holidays hold forth to jollity and intoxication.
Dec. 26
The Lieut. Governor had a short reign, he seems inclined to be the Governor and has distinguished his brief administration by the establishment of a Post Office, and a regular Post throughout the territory, for which a General Order has been issued under his direction, and with the advice of senior members of Council.