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1-264 (Text)

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author,male,Broadside*,un addressee
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Ingleton, 1988
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An ACCOUNT of a WELL Matched FIGHT between A young terrier bitch, belonging to Mr Ferguson, and an opossum, brought from New South Wales by Mr Jenkins.
News has been received from London, of this extraordinary match, which excited exceeding interest amongst the sporting fraternity in the Old Dart.
Local boys need no introduction to the fighting attributes of the Vulpine Opossum, our bushy-tail, whose remarkably strong claws have left many a mark on incautious Europeans, both man and dog.
Mr Ferguson's young terrier bitch was about sixteen months old, liver and white, weight about 25.5 lbs. Mr Jenkin's opossum from New South Wales was supposed to be about three years old and weighed 27 lbs.
The bitch and opossum fought on the 6th January, 1829, and the day being very rough, the fight was obliged to take place in a barn instead of Hempton Green, Norfolk, as had been contemplated, to the vexation of numbers, who could not get admission at any price; so much stir did the affair make in the neighbourhood.
A great deal of betting took place previous to the match, at guineas to pounds, Possey the favourite. Some of our Norfolk knowing and learned country swells, who were acquainted with the nature of the beast, (after seeing the excellent trim he was got into by his trainer, Jemmy my Neal) even went as high as three to two, and it was said that even two to one was offered on the New South Wales favourite.
ROUND 1ST. Possey looked very fit, shook his bushy tail, and darted at the bitch as quick as lightning, caught her by the shoulder, and tore a piece out of it; he then drew back, made another spring at the fore leg, but missed it. Meantime, the bitch was not idle - she made several attempts at a hold, but the gentleman's furry coat deceived the poor bitch, who brought away a mouthful of his outer garment every time she sprung at him; at length, she caught him where the Irishmen put their lundy, and punished him severely, while he returned by making use of his claws, with which he scratched dreadfully. At length he got away, and was taken to his house; and after two minutes rest, began
ROUND 2ND. Both darted at one another, their heads met, and both were knocked over. Returning, Possey seized the bitch by the throat, and threw her quite over him, flung out his hind feet, and almost knocked all the wind out of the bitch (four to one on Possey freely offered - no takers). The bitch fought shy till she got a little wind, then made for him, seized his proboscis, and pulled him about in good style, in spite of his claws, which made dreadful havoc with the bitch; Possey got away and was taken to his house. This lasted nine minutes and a half.
ROUND 3RD. The bitch made first play, and began by taking Mr Possey by the nose, where she held him, and pulled him about for two minutes and a half, he keeping his claws in exercise all the while when she lost her hold, and sprung at his neck (which in the previous round she had cleared of the fur) which she lacerated in a shocking manner, when he got away and was led to his house. Possey became rather weak from the loss of blood, but was restored by something being applied to his nostrils.
ROUND 4TH, AND LAST. The bitch again made for the foreigner's neck, where she left the marks of her toothy work; she then seized him by the shoulder, got an excellent hold, and, for the first time, Possey uttered a dismal yell, and, on getting away, made for his house, from whence he could no more be brought to the scratch. The bitch was consequently declared the winner.
The fight lasted thirty-seven minutes.