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1-241 (Text)

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addressee,female author,male,Marsden, Samuel,60
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Mackaness, 1942
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Feby 12th 1824.
Dear Madam
It is now a long time since I wrote to you though I often think of your kindness to me and mine and am grateful for your past attentions. As the bearer of this Mr. Woodhouse who resides in London will have an opportunity to see you after his return I have determined to give you a line by him, and shall refer you to Mr. Woodhouse for any information you may wish as he can tell you what we are doing.  I have still to contend with unreasonable and wicked men and believe I shall have to the end of life. However, much good has been done in the Colony in various ways for the furtherance of Religion. On the 11th Inst I consecrated a very fine Church in Sydney in which I trust the everlasting Gospel will be preached to the end of time. I have now consecrated five Churches in this part of the world and shall soon have the pleasure God willing of setting apart another of his immediate worship. God has overuled the wickedness of man for the advancement of his glory.
I have lately returned from New Zealand and brought with me a few natives. I have no doubt but we shall establish Christianity among that barbarous race of men. They are making advances in Civilization and improving very fast.
I this day marked out a building which I purpose to erect at Parramatta for a Seminary for the natives of New Zealand and have the labourers at work. It is my intention to have the Missionaries children brought over for their education to N.S.Wales and some of the Children of the Chiefs with them which may be of infinite advantage to them both. I am sorry to say some of the Missionaries have not behaved well. This has given me much trouble as I have been obliged to dismiss some from the Mission entirely. These things are very grievous. Moses when he selected 12 princes heads of the tribes of Israel to examine the land of Canaan only two were found faithful and even these all the congregation had stoned them with stones. We must not expect to meet with more success than Moses in our undertakings. The last year was a year of toil & danger and much vexation. I spent near three months in different parts of Van Dieman 's land and travelled from Sea to Sea. On my return I sailed for New Zealand and was there ship wrecked and the ship was lost. We had many dangers as I sailed in four different vessels during the year. I had my troubles on shore as well as on the water and was compelled to appeal unto Caesar for redress.  Who can tell what he may meet with in his pilgrimage through life. Infinite wisdom cannot err. All we want is to commit our way to him and he will direct our paths. Should you be in London and see Mr. Justice Field or his lady you may know all our concerns from them. Mr. Justice Field was one of our Judges and sailed for Europe a few days ago. We were very intimate and found him at all times very friendly. I esteemed him and Mrs. Field very much and regret their departure. Mr. and Mrs. Hassall are very well. Mr. Hassall retains his spirituality his pious feelings and promises to be an useful member of the Gospel of Christ. He has got no appointment yet. I believe it is partly owing to the very little esteem some of the ruling powers have for me that he is not provided for. Many settlements are totally without Clergy. At one settlement there are nearly 1500 Convicts and no Minister. I have written to the Bishop of London on thus subject and hope some remedy will be provided. If Government will not employ Mr. Hassall I must do it myself. In short I have ever since he came to the Colony. The Lord will provide. If I could make up my mind to court the friendship of the world all would be well. But this will not do for a Christian who hopes to enter a better world than this in due time. You, my dear Madam must now be near your prize. Your race must be nearly run and your reward in full view. You have had a long experience of the goodness of the Lord and must now be ready to say with Jacob I have waited for thy salvation O Lord. I am happy to say Mrs. M. is pretty well and all my family. She often speaks of you with much affection and now begs me to give her kindest love to you Mr. & Mrs. Hughes and all your sons. How must you rejoice to see your Children walking in the fear of God. I have not heard from the Revd. R. Johnson for a long time. He must be near his end now. I purpose to write a line to him this evening which I hope will find him in the land of the living.  
Referring you to Mr. Justice Field should you have an opportunity of seeing him and his lady
I remain
with much esteem
Yours affctly
Samuel Marsden