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1-216 (Text)

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addressee,male author,male,Reibey, James,28
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Irvine, 1992
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Launceston, Port Dalrymple Van Deimans Land Septr. 17th 1823
My Dear Cousin
I Received your various favours as likewise the Newspapers you was so kind to send which in the distant part of the Globe is always a thankful treat, Mr Macarthur the Scotch Clergyman kept your Letters for 4 or 5 months at Hobart Town after his arrival, nor did he send them over even after I got our agents to apply to him for Letters for me & Mr Thomson, Mr Moodie the Commissary at last enclosed them to me in a frank.
You will wonder to find my Letter dated in this place, but I have now to inform you I have been there 9 months, having joined my Brother Thomas in Copartnership in Cattle Sheep and trade generally I found by staying at Hobart town I was losing considerably. I found it best to come & join Thomas who had been soliciting me to do so for some years but owing to my dislike to Launceston I was a long time in making up my mind to, one thing while at Hobart it was a plan of mine tho probably foolish not to Run in debt having never purchased without Cash in hand, However this Rule was beneficial in my leaving Hobart for I was able to leave in a very short notice packed up my Stock in trade as it was in the Stores, freighted a Brig put that & all my furniture on board, & came across the Country 127 Miles in a Gig.  
Our Cattle here jointly consists of about four hundred Head, about two thirds my Brothers, about two Thousand Sheep, joint equal shares, besides various farms, which are principally my Brothers, Stores & premises in town which the Government offered two thousand Pounds for but my Brother (this was just before I came over) asked four thousand - our Stock in trade amt. about 3,000 Pounds I have made considerable Improvements, outhouses which by contract cost us three Hundred Pounds, this is joint Property equal Shares. My House at Hobart Town which I threw into the concern rents for One Hundred & Thirty Pounds pr. Annum, Eight Horses &c, besides these my Brother is building a beautiful House on his Estate called Entally, which has now cost him about Six Hundred Pounds. you will Rather wonder probably how I have got on so well without any assistance from my Mother, for you are probably aware that my Mother discarded me after my marriage, there was just reasons for her doing so then I was only Seventeen years of age and my wife unknown to her. Tho She has often said since I have made a wise choice, in fact I have, for it is now nearly Eight years since we where first marriage we have lived as Happy as possible & she has been a good helpmate to me, I often think now how saving I was then and how sedate we began a little Shop, with a Stock of £40 which I obtained Credit for in Sydney, and by Return the same vessell I came down in I Remitted the amount. my Wife who was Widow then 21 & was a Widow four year had a House tho in a very unfurnished state & built of Wood we managed to get two Small rooms Habitable & every Shilling that was taken was preserved with a great deal more care than I now do fifty Pounds. My mother found from various reports I was steady and doing well she forgave me, & we have been good friends ever since, but she thought I did not want any assistance, in fact I was as well without it probably, but when she was in England she wrote me word to take possession of Half the Sheep at this place, about 400. Then you see my dear cousin I am not treating you as a stranger, I have endeavoured to think while writing this Letter that you stood as a Brother rather than as a Cousin as you wish to be called in various Letters I have seen to my Sisters. I have given you a History of our property as well as I am able and hope it will be acceptable to you.
I will now give you some account of the family. Rank first my mother she is well and hearty in Sydney I heard from her a few days ago, Thomas & his Lady are quite well they live in the Country about Eight Miles off. he has now three children, a Boy he had about