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1-214 (Text)

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 will save them so much unhappiness, Miss Black and De Mestro were married a few days ago. they are now well paird. both being of the Pygmy race, but are, to use a common expression `little and good.' He is in my opinion one of the most worthy little fellows in the Colony, Her amicable disposition is well known.
Two other marriages are to take place tomorrow at Parramatta which have causd. a great deal of Interest throughout the whole Colony, You would be a long time in guessing who the Parties are if I did not choose to tell you that they are two Pair of our Sable Countrymen and Women, the latter brought up and civilised by the Native Institutions, the former lately breeched for the occasion. Farm with Farming Utensils &c is given them for the purpose of commencing the Business on a large scale. They have my sincere wishes for their welfare and Prosperity. But still think a Man possessed even of my small share of foresight if asked His opinion on it might safely answer, It is all a Bottle of smoke. They certainly are the most degenerate Mortals in the universe between them and the Brute Creation there scarcely is a Step. in my opinion their Ideas will never attain to more than the knowledge of a good Belly full. your old Shipmate Miss Browne married to Brown of the Mary shortly before He left for India. Died of a short time back in Child Birth. I saw her the evening before in perfect health and spirits early next morning she was Dead, the uncertainty of Human Life never before made so great an impression on my mind by