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1-204 (Text)

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addressee author,male,Macquarie, Lachlan,60
Narrative Discourse
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Private Written
Macquarie, 1822
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Wednesday 9. Jany. 1822.
I set out from Sydney this morning in the Carriage, accompanied by Mrs. Macquarie and Lachlan, at 7 o'clock, on a short Excursion to visit the Revd. Mr. Reddall & Family at Macquarie Field, and the Cow Pastures; having made an appointment with Sir Thomas Brisbane to meet us at the latter Place. --- We arrived at Liverpool at 1/2 past 9, Breakfasted at Dillon's Inn, and staid afterwards at Mr. Moore's till 12 o'clock. We then pursued our Journey to Macquarie Field -- where we arrived at 1 p.m. -- and were most kindly & hospitably received by the Host & Hostess.
I found Mr. Meehan here, who had arrived from Bathurst on the day preceding. --- 
My Servants & Baggage for my Tour to Illawarra had also arrived here last Night. --- We sat down to Dinner at 5 o'clock, and went early to Bed. --- 
Thursday 10. Jany. 
We got up early, and Mrs. M. and Lachlan set out with me in the Carriage a quarter before 7, o'clock this morning for the Cow Pastures, intending to spend a couple of days at Cawdor the Government Principal Station there. --- 
We found the Cow Pasture Road, generally, very rough and bad for Travelling and it took us two Hours and a quarter from Mr. Reddall's to the Ford over the River Nepean at the old Government Hut, which is only a distance of 14 miles.
The Ford itself, and both Banks being very steep, we found much difficulty in passing; but we accomplished it without sustaining any accident. --- From the Ford it is near 4 miles to the Government Cottage at Cawdor -- where we arrived at a quarter before 10. a.m. the weather being extremely hot at that time. --- Mr. David Johnston met us on the Road on the Eastern side of the River Nepean, and conducted us at Cawdor. Here we found Mr. De Arrietta a Spanish Gentleman who has lately obtained a grant at the Cow Pastures. --- 
This is the first time of Mrs. Macquarie's visiting Cawdor, which she admires very much.
Nancy Moore followed us in the Curricle from Mr. Reddall's, with Edmund Sorell -- whom Lachlan had asked to accompany him to Cawdor. --- We had our Breakfast soon after our arrival. --- 
At 2. p.m. Sir Thomas Brisbane, attended by Major Ovens, Mr. Oxley, Capt. Antill, and Mr. Murdoch joined us at Cawdor. --- The Day being excessively hot, we did not dine till 6, o'clock when we sat down Eight Persons to Dinner. --- 
The Govt. Cottage at Cawdor has lately been very much improved, and enlarged since I was last here -- and is quite sufficient to accommodate us all. --- We went early to Bed, intending to ride out very early in the morning.
Friday 11. Jany.
I got up at 5, o'clock this morning -- and soon afterwards Sir Thos. Brisbane, Mr. D. Johnston, & Mr. Murdoch set out from Cawdor to Brownlow-Hill to inspect the Govt. stock at that Station. --- We had a very pleasant Ride along that rich Tract of Pasture Land extending from Cawdor along Mount Hunter Creek to Brownlow Hill, distant 8 miles from the former. --- We inspected the Govt. stock there accordingly -- and returned Home to Breakfast at 1/2 past 8 o'clock. --- 
After Breakfast, we mounted our Horses again and rode to Mr. McArthur's Farm of Camden -- where we inspected all his Improvements and Stock and returned Home again at 2, o'clock; having been this day 7 1/2 Hours on Horse-back. --- 
Mrs. M. Lachlan, Teddy, and Nancy Moore went all in a Cart, on our return Home, to view at a distance Mr. McArthur's Improvements -- and returned Home by 5, o'clock. --- 
We dined at 6 p.m. and went early to Bed, intending to rise very early tomorrow morning. 
Saturday 12. Jany. 1822.
We all got up this morning at Half past 4 o'clock -- and set out from Cawdor at Half past 5, o'clock; Sir Thomas Brisbane travelling with Mrs. M., me and Lachlan in our Carriage. --- We crossed the Nepean at the Ford of Macquarie Grove, a Farm belonging to Mr. Hassall, and thence we travelled by the Cow Pasture Road to Mr. Meehan's Farm of Macquarie-Field -- where we arrived at 8 o'clock. --- We had Breakfast soon afterwards. --- After Breakfast, I accompanied Sir Thomas Brisbane to Liverpool to inspect the Public Buildings there, and remained with him till his departure for Parramatta -- when I returned to Macquarie Field. The Revd. Mr. Reddall had Mr. Moore, Mr. Throsby, Dr. Hill, and Mr. Meehan to Dine with us, besides his own Family today. --- 
Sunday 13. Jany. --- 
Mrs. Macquarie, Lachlan, and myself, accompanied by Mr. Meehan -- and John and Nancy Moore -- went this morning before Breakfast to see John Moore's Farm in Minto District, adjoining that of Mr. Brooks. --- We viewed and examined different parts of it -- and Selected the fittest Place for building the House & offices on, which John Moore marked out accordingly. --- This Farm is distant about 3 miles from Macquarie-field -- and Eight miles from the Town of Liverpool.
In honor of their young Master, John & Nancy Moore have named their farm "Lachlan-Valley". We returned to Meehan Castle at 9, o'clock to Breakfast. --- 
The Revd. Mr. Reddall went to perform Divine Service at Campbell-Town -- but returned Home to Dinner. --- 
We dined at 1/2 past 5 -- and went early to Bed. --- 
Monday 14. Jany.
Got up at 1/2 past 5. a.m. At 1/4 past 6. Mrs. M. Lachn. Edmund Sorell & Nancy Moore, set out in the Carriage for Sydney -- whilst I, accompanied by Mr. Meehan, set out at the same time on my intended Tour of Inspection to Illawarra, through the Districts of Airds and Appin; the Revd. Mr. Reddall accompanying us to Campbell-Town. --- On our arrival there, we ordered Breakfast at Bradbury's and whilst it was getting ready, I accompanied Mr. Reddall to see his Glebe and the Site he had selected for Building his Parsonage House on. --- The Glebe is about 2 miles distant from Town, and very pleasantly situated commanding a fine extensive