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1-196 (Original)

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addressee author,female,Reibey, Mary,44
Narrative Discourse
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Private Written
Irvine, 1992
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Mon. Jan 1st 1821. Still confined to my room. Mr & Mrs Hargreaves paying attention to me. My old nurse and her husband came over from Bury to see me. Mrs Hargreaves gave them a bed and every comfort that they required after so long a walk for two old people in their eighty one years. They hardly knew how to express their joy at being able to see me before they died, a more venerable and better looking old man i never saw and a more healthy old woman at her age indeed she looked to live twenty or thirty years more..
Tues. 2nd. They set off home again, Mrs Hargreaves packing them up some mince pies and a little wine and water and i giving them a few shillings to asist them by the way. They left me with a heavy heart...
Sun 14th Jan.1821, This day the carriage whent by Baches, the carrier, for London.
Sun. 28th Jan. took coach for Blackburn... Slept at Mr Brown's, dreamd Thomas came to England and that he said my little Betsy was very ill and subject to fits.
Mon. 29th. Sold my houses for Three Hundred Pounds. [32] 
Weds. 31st Came over to Blackburn... Found a letter from Mr Jones...
Signed over my right to the houses in Salford and recd Three Hundred Pounds for them, being a loser of one Hundred Pounds.
Feb. 1st. To Manchester... to bid them goodbye.
Mon. 5th Feb. Packing up this day. Whent to see Mr Hope's warehouse and looked at some cambric and callico. gave him an order for 100 pieces paid him in cash Eight Pounds for money laid down by him for me.. Bank of England No. 28578, 28586.
Tues. 6th Feb. Took coach for London paid Three Pounds Three Shillings. My cousin John Hope and his wife and Thos. Foster dined with us at Mr Hargreaves. They all came to see me off in the coach for London. We started at two o'clock in the day. Settled with Mr Hargreaves for cash for me by him. Bothe him and Mrs Hargreaves behaved uncommon kind during my stay. There they wished me to stop another month or two Mrs Hargreaves made my two daughters, Jane & Elizabeth at home in Tasmania a present of two books. Mrs Hargreaves made me a present of a book of prayers named Nelsons Festivals and also the medicines both Eliza and i took.
Wed. 7th. All this day in the coach and all the previous evening. We arrived at the White Horse Fetter Lane (nearby St Pauls Cathedral) before 7. I ingaged a bed. Capt. Dagg of the ship TUCAN called and told me he had seen James & George very well. Made me easy. Took a walk in the Cheapside and down Ludgate Hill... He (Mr Jones) gave me news of the Tucan arriving... no letters for me which made me very uneasy all day. Whent to Capt. Watson. Took lodging there. At night went as far as Capt. Atkinsons. He was just reading a letter from his son which he had got out of Mr Berry's box and he saw a packet directed to me but the Officer in Charge would not let them be taken as they must go through the Post Office.
Feb. 9th Mr Jones & I whent to Mr Berry's lodgings, No 8 Size Lane back of the Mansion House. He was not within but we left a note on his table to send my packet as soon as he got it which was to be within the afternoon, expences of it was 12 / - and the Porter 2 / -. I stood up till after 12 o'clock reading them. [33] 
Mon. 12th. Whent to the City called on Mr Jones had a little conversation with him concerning going out to N.S.W and about the affairs of the Colony. Recd a packet of letters from my sister going through Manchester. Double postage on them 10 / - expence.
Wed. 14th Capt. Watson whent on board the ship BRIXTON which was lying at the London dock, to look at the accommodation. Found them very good but could get no decisive answer, the broker not there. I purchased this day 1 doz. of Bell buttons, 1 pr. silver salts, 4 salt spoons, 1 doz. sugar stand, 7 table spoons, 18 teaspoons, 1 child's Coral, 1 silver eye glass, 4 ridicule clasps... 19 chairs, 5 yards of sarsenet & 7 / 6 for a gown and lost it going home. Also a pair of chandelier candlesticks...
Fri. 16th Called on Capt. McIntosh who lives on Ratcliffe Highway. He had purchased a ship called the HOPE and intending to take passengers to N.S.W. He called a coach and we whent on board, she lying in the Canal refitting but she appears to be longer before she will sail than I wish to stop. I can make no agreement. The other half owner Degraves being on board. He also is going out with his small family to settle in Van Dieman's Land and wished for all the information I could give them which I did to the best of my judgement Capt. McIntosh is quite the gentlemen. We all walked back calling in our way at a pastry cooks shop and taking refreshment. We parted and each party whent their own way after they giving me an invitation to dine.
Sat. 17th Whent to the City with a Mr Davison, a porter to purchase a desk but there was no one to suit me. He took me through the Mansion House, Guildhall and The Bank.
Feb.19th Removed to my new lodgings in Postern Row, No 9 Mr Sharp, Watchmaker at 16 / - per week to find coals myself. After whent on board the MARINER sloop lying in the Limehouse Canal. The two owners called on me to enquire about the affairs of V. Dieman's land and Port Jackson.
Fri. 23rd Feb. Whent to Moore Lane the Baches the carrier to send a small box to Manester to Mr Hargraves.. Mr Jones called on me to advise me about what ship I must take. The owner of the MARINER called at night and we agreed... [34] 
Sat 24th. This day walked to the west end of the town as far as Grosvenor Street, the residence of Sir Robert Peel but was down in Staffordshire. Bought a canteen this day for George and 45 vols. of the British Essayist and Gibbons History of Rome, 12 vols., from its foundation.
Tues. 27th. Bought this day 12 setts of table matts, 12 doz. doyleys... Gave an order for a quantity of cutlery..
Wed. 28th. Staid at home all day it freezing and snowing all day. The ditch round the Tower was frozen over and the boys were skating, my window being opposite I had full view of them. This day had in 250 cakes of Windsor soap.
Thurs. 1st. At home all day. In the evening whent to see the Queen go to the Mansion House to be present for the benefit of some poor Society, but did not see her. She whent in a private entrance contrary to all expectations.
Fri. 2nd Mar. Took a walk in the City. Whent to Wiston & Herrit Office 37 Old Broad Street, to enquire about the MARINER... Gave Mr Davison an order for some crockery ware... very dirty weather...
Tues. 6th. Very bad weather. Gave orders for some stationery. Purchased some Irish linens. A very bad cough on me.
Wed. 7th. Took a walk into Aldgate, Broad Street and made me some little purchases...
Mar. 9th Recd. two letters from Edinburg, one from my daughters... Wrote one in answer... Purchased Clarke's Family Bible.
13th Mar. Tues. Got home my miniature frames.
Wed. 14th Mar. Whent to Wakemans the carrier to see about 3 cases with Irish & Calicoes. Ordered a double barrelled fowling piece for George Bought the Incyclopedia Britanica, 20 vols., 30 guineas.
Thurs. 15. Whent on board the MARINER... Whent to the theatre, the Royality, a very miserable performance. [35] 
16th. Mar. Fri... a Lieut. Thomson, relation of Dr Chalmers called, brought me a note from my daughter Celia.
Sat 17th... recd. a letter from D. Hope saying my two daughters would be in town if the wind was fair today or tomorrow.
Fri 6th. Whent to the Brokers of the Mariner to see when I could take my things on board. Mr Atkinson and I went to the City Canal. Came home in a waterman's boat. Bought a piece of Irish linen. Gave a woman 10 chemise to make and she has got the stay maker. Brought home 4 pr. stays.
Sat. 7th April Whent to Mark Lane to Buckles, Bagsters & Buchanan to inquire concerning Rebecca's pension but got no answer Lieut. Thomspon called
Wed. 11th. Whent on board the MARINER but no appearance of being ready.
Fri. 13th Whent to Buckles Bay and Buchanan, Mark Lane 33, to enquire about Rebecca's pension but got no more information than last Sat. Off to Whitehall to get the proper forms made out but called to see William Charles Wentworth. Staid with him too long till it was too late to go.
Sat. 14th.Called on Mr Wm Wentworth...Whent to Whitehall the Admiralty & Army Pay Office to inquire about Rebecca's pension.
Gained all i could after being referred from one to another till I was tired. Got the necessary forms from them...
Tues. 17th. Purchased a trunk this morning, gave 21 / - for it. Celia & Eliza gone to order their pelisses & pay the Doctors-bill Five Pounds Twelve Shillings.
Apr. 18th. Wed. Whent to Broad street 53....ordered from Cooper & Eliot some looking glasses, a sofa, A Mohogany Dressing & writing case. Packed up all my luggage...
Apr. 21st. Sat. Got my goods on board the MARINER. [36] 
Apr. 22nd. Whent to the Foundling Hospital a beautiful litle chaple and a most gratifying sight to see such a number of little females in such good order and an equal number of boys...
Apr. 25th. Whent on board. Nothing doing. Mr Williams and I Whent to Clementinas to look at a piano.
Thurs. 26th Mr Thomson called on us and we whent to Greenwhich Hospital by water... saw through the painted Hall and chaple. Came home by coach. Mr T. spent the evening with us.
Apr. 27th. Whent on board the ship. Am afraid she will not sail this three weeks yet.
Sun. 29th. Whent to a Scotch church in Miles Lane... Mr Thomson called and took us.
Apr. 30th Whent on board the MARINER, Nothing doing...
May 1st. Was taken very ill of my old complaint on the lungs...
Thurs. 3rd. Eliza & I whent on board the MARINER. Still very ill. Was obliged to go to bed. Mr Thomson brought two tickets of the speaking of the Bible Society at the King's Concert Rooms, Haymarket. Only Eliza and Mr Thomson went, Celia staying at home with me on acct of me being so ill.
Sun. 6th. Called in a physician, Dr Frampton on this day. Gave his opinion to Dr White.
Sat. May 12th... this being my birthday 44 years of age, my complaint began to take a favourable turn.
Sun 15th. Celia & Eliza whent to dine at Mr Ross a little way out of town, accompanied by Mr Hope and Mr Thomson...
Fri. May 18th. Celia and Mrs Hope going to Manchester. They left the Swan with two necks in the regulater... [37] 
May 19th... sent the last of my luggage on board, Mr Thomson and Eliza going on board the MARINER.
Sun. 20th Staid at my lodgings, Mr Thomson took out Eliza awalking in the afternoon.
Tues. 22nd. Took coach for Gravesend where we arrived about 5 o'clock in the afternoon... We staid all night at the Inn PRINCE OF ORANGE. Mr Thomson went in quest of lodgings. I thought it best to go there for the good of my health.
May 23rd. Took lodgings at Mr Beers, Pilot, Lower Terrace at 50 / - per week with the servants attendance, boarding ourselves...
Sat. May 26th. Mr Thomson and i whent amarketing. Mr & Mrs Dunn, passengers in the MARINER... called on us, they having been down at Gravesend 7 months waiting for a ship...
Wed. 30th. Whent to market... few things to sell only purchased a few eggs and butter... Mr & Mrs Dunn... took tea with us... Had a few games of whist.
Thurs. 31st. Mr Dunn called to know if I had any commands to London as he was going down to settle some misunderstanding with the Brokers of the MARINER, Witson & Hewitt...
June 3rd... Ship LUSITANIA came down to Gravesend ready to clear out.
June Mon. 4th Nothing to do. Mr & Mrs Dunn called and we went out walking to a very pleasant place situate on the River Thames, a bathing House, a small park adjoining it. There are seats for visitors and where you have most beautiful view of shipping sailing to & from London.
June London.. We hear by advertisement in the Times paper the MARINER is to be down on Sunday next. LUSITANIA sailed from Gravesend.
June. Wed. 6th. i think this will now compleat my twelve months in England as we landed at Portsmouth on 21st. June 1820. i am very afraid we shall not sail for that place before the Day. Recd. a letter from Mr Atkinson requesting me to come to London to put my cabin in order... [38] Accordingly Mr Thomson and i set off 2 mins to 1 o'clock and arrived at the Dundee Arms at 1/4 to 5 o'clock. We immediately whent on board the MARINER. it came on to rain very hard and everyone had done work on board for the day we could not do anything that afternoon...Walked to Mr A. where they kindly received me and I slept there all night, Mr. T. going to his lodgings. Recd. a letter from Celia from Manchester. All very well.
June Thurs. 7th. this day Mr Atkinson & i whent on board the MARINER and made a great clearance... and put out of the cabin... trunks nos. 7,9,15,16, & 20. and 1 small bale, 1 box of Mrs Kemps marked 21 down in the hold as owners had charged freight on them... i slept there that night as did also Mr Thomson. Had they been related to me they could not have been more kind.
June Fri. 9th... this day came down to Gravesend... Mr Thomson and Eliza took a walk to see Mr & Mrs Dunn...
Wed. 13th. No ship or signs of it..
Thurs June 14th. Mr Cox (another passenger) came down this evening and brought the news that the MARINER could not proceed on her voyage for want of means. He also brought a letter from Mr Jones... advising passengers to seek redress... They in consequence are going to London tomorrow morning viz. Mr Dunn, Cox and Thomson to join Major Homen in complaints to the Lord Mayor. Now this is ever since 1st of april when he first ingaged that the ship should sail, i have been living at very heavy expence and in consequence my sickness has increased it and God only knows now when we shall get off, but i will put my trust in Him who alone can judge.
June Sat. 16th This morning recd. two letters from Celia and one for Eliza and one for myself, wishing to go back with me in consequence i wrote her an answer to come up immediately. The Gentlemen all returned with the news that the ship was to be down on Tuesaday.
June Wed.2oth. This evening the MARINER came down to Gravesend.
June 21st Thurs. Whent on board the MARINER. Had some little dispute about getting into my cabin. [39] 
June 22nd. Fri. Mr Atkinson came down from London and brought my daughter Celia with him. I returned with him to settle about her passage. Slept at Mr. A.
Sun.26th We weighed anchor and sailed from Gravesend. whent down the River about 14 miles was obliged to come down to anchor owing to the wind being foul. Most of the ladies were a little sick owing to the motion of the Ship.
June Wed 27th. 1/4 past 11 o'clock in the morning weighed anchor and got under weigh. Very light wind and rather heavy sea. Most of the ladies very sick.
Fri 29. The Pilot left us. Passed Dover this morning.
Sat. 30th Foul winds and beating to get to Portsmouth. Anchored at Ride on the Isle of Wight.. Some went on shore, took lodgings at 3 / - per day while on share.
July 2nd. Rained all day could not go on shore... went on shore at Portsmouth, found Capt. in difficulties in regard to provisions on the ship. Heard the owner was in gaol. The passengers were obliged to consent paying for their provisions...
Thurs. 5th July. This day the gentlemen went on shore and bought the remainder of the provisions... Had to open the Hatch to get their dollars to pay for it. Sailed from Ride this evening with a foul wind...