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1-186 (Raw)

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author,female,Reibey, Mary,43 addressee
Narrative Discourse
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Private Written
Irvine, 1992
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June 20th Landed at Portsmouth 8 o'clock in the morning. Took refreshment at the inn. Set of at 9 o'clock in the coach for London.
Arrived ther at 7 in the afternoon, at the Belle Savage inn, Ludgate Hill. Took lodgings their. Wrote to Capt. Watson, my friend to procure me lodgings but through an omission in my letter of my address, he could not find me out, therefore was obliged to stay their for 3 nights, not liking to go to a strange place. Next morning after i arrived i took hackney coach and went to the office of Bell & Wilkinson having business there. After my arrival the first person i saw to my great astonishment was Mr. Jones who was as much amazed as i was to see me in London. However sat down and had a little talk about our Country and in came Mr. Underwood and of course another wonder was pronounced how i came their. i had then delivered my papers to Mr. Jones who was kind enough to say he would do anything he could and i thought it would be better had he understood the Treasury better than i where i was going after [...] if i had not found him their. Mr. Underwood walked back with me to my lodgings and took me and my daughters out a little to see the Town. Treated us to ice-cream and returned with us again, and left us immediately. [24] I was then very anxious about Capt. Watson not comeing not knowing that I had forgot to give him my address. However it so happened that I had a letter from Mr. Atkinson to his father which I mentioned to some person who told him and the old Gentleman came immediately and a finer one and a better man their cannot be. He was very much affected when he read the letter and I believe it was very Favourable to me and Daughters as he immediately asked us to his House and have kept on friendship ever since. He mentioned to Capt. Watson where we was and on the Sunday morning being the third day after our arrival at the Inn he and his Two Daughters and Capt. Watson came to take us away as he has got lodgings for me next door to himself. During the time they was comeing to meet me (I had taken Coach and drove off for his House when Mrs. Watson kindly asked us in, dinner was prepared for us. In about a half an hour in came Capt. Watson and very glad he was to see us. After we had dined he called a Coach and we went to the Inn, settled my account and took my baggage to my Lodging it being pretty generally known by our Sydney friends and those who had visited Sydney as Capt. of ships and otherwise of our arrival in London and we had a great deal of visitors. I then wrote to my cousin John Hope in Manchester prior to our going down to the Country, but did not receive an answer in Course, owing to his having been removed about a mile and a half out of town, but hearing their was a letter for him in the Post office he immediately answered it by a very kind and affectionate letter and an invitation to stay at his house. 
July 17 During our stay in London we visited the two Theatres where we saw the Provoked Husband after... Covent Gardens, the Obitiquary. after piece the Millar and his men. We did not visit many of the Public buildings owing to our being so ill. We had a medical Gentleman, Dr. White attending us upward of a fortnight who paid great attention to us. we arrived on the 20th June and left the 17th of July for the country making our stay their 27 days and the day before our departure for the country I was bled and blistered and both me and Eliza so ill...Celia was not much better
July 18 to August 6th. We arrived in Manchester the day following after 186 miles without stopping except to change horses. When we came to the Mosely Arms we found my two cousins Mr. Hargreaves, Surgeon and Druggist and Mr. John Hope waiting with a hackney coach to take us and Baggage to our Cousin Hope's a very delightful place a little way in the Country, where a Surgeon was sent for, Dr. Barton, a friend of my cousin Haigreaves, who took a great interest in recovering us as soon as possible. [25] he paid all attention was possible, we began to recover fast and Mr. Hargreaves very often came to take us out walking. He sent us jellys, preserves and fruit and everything he could think of for comfort. As soon as we could walk about which was about 11 days we had several invitations, the first to Dr. Barton's, one of the first Surgeons in Manchester. Mrs B. a very ladylike woman and one of the most respectable about that Country was very glad to see us and treated us very kindly wishing us to renew our visit as often as we could. We took tea with my half cousin, Mr. Aspinall. Dined and tead next day with Mr. and Mrs. Hargreaves, they made me promise on my return to Manchester that we should stop at their House. We staid at Manchester from the 8th of July to the 6th of August, being 19 days.
August 6th, We took the coach for Blackburn on the 6th where we arrived about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Mr. John Hope accompany us. It is impossible to describe the sensations I felt when comeing to the top of Derwen Street my native home and amongst my relatives and on entering my once Grandmother's House where I had been brought up and to find it nearly the same as when I left nearly 29 years ago, all the same furniture and most of them standing in the same place as when I left but not one person I knew or knew me [...] but was fully requited by my Cousin Miss Hope who [...] met us at the door with all the affection and love of a sister. Their being beds prepared for us we became a part of the family as we had already done at her brother's in Manchester. My arrival became known to all the old inhabitants of Blackburn who had known me in my Childhood, the door hardly ever closed with people comeing out of curiosity or respect... I had often expressed a wish to see my Children confirmed in the old Church at Blackburn. We arrived there on the Saturday evening and the Bishop on the Monday following (who only comes every three years). My cousin John Hope procured certificates from the Curate of St. John's and they was admitted and was confirmed with about 300 more males and females in St. John's Church, the old church being shut up.
August 8th. During the time we were at Blackburn we was divided betwixt my father's and Mother's relations. We had a general invitation in all their houses, especially Mr. William Haydock, son of my Uncle William who is in his 74th year and Mr. Robert Brown, son of my Aunt Hindle Brown who is in her 76th year. I believe they thought they could not show me enough of attention but no place was so congenial to my mind as Miss Hope's, the most affectionate young woman I ever met with... [26] we met Mr. and Mrs. Little an independent Gentlemen who is one of the trustees to my Aunt Hope's estate.. John Hope and he to settle our little business relation to the Houses...Mr. David Hope Blackburn accord to his promise (27th August).. Was very proud to see each other and I found him to be one of the most affectionate men I ever met with, quite a man of business too.
Sept. 5th. Took tea at Mr. Wraith's next day and whent to see the first stone laid of the old church at Blackburn. It is somewhat singular that nearly 30 years ago before that Mr. David Hope and myself was at the Sept laying of the first stone in St. John's Church.
Sept. 7th left for Preston...arrived at Preston in an hour and a post chaise.
15th Sept....went to see Mr. Horrocks Mill and one of the proprietors showed us all through it, a most grand sight but the heat from the steam engine being too oppressive for me gave me a complete Blackburn...where I was taken very my Cousin's, Mr. Robert Brown...My Aunt Hindle Brown an old women in her 76th year would insist on sitting up with me part of the see concern and attention was admd...
From Liverpool went to Greenock Glasgow by the Robert Bruce, Steam boat Left Liverpool Tuesday, arriving one o'clock Friday.
October 21,22,23...Rained very hard...wet feet...a violent cold.
Oct 24 Whent to the Museum, passed through the Cottage to the High Church, a very grand Cathedral built by the Roman Catholics 700 years ago., a very interesting sight it was. Whent to tea at Mr. Fleming, Mr. Hope's partner. Had a little dance among the young people.
Oct 25th Wednesday whent to the see the manufactorys of making cotton balls spinning machines. We took a walk around the Clyde [...] passed the Roman Catholic Chaple, a very grand building, the Gaol a very spaciuous [sic] building. Ill for 11 days.. the doctor's bill being Five Pounds three shillings and sixpence.. very exhorbitant demand I was bled with leeches at my temple.. [27] 
November 14th went to see a singeing iron that the muslin runs over and touching never damages the cloth altho red hot. saw company at Mr Hopes an illumination and bonfire took place on account of the bill being thrown out against the Queen.
15 November Celia sat for her picture, Captain Wood called and took us to see the Lunatic Asylum took a walk in Trongate and Argyle Street to see the splendid illumination.
Nov 15 this day I sat for my picture, my two daughters went trades hall [...] a lecture on Education of Roman Catholic children which the Protestant clergy has undertook providing they will allow the Bible to be read.
Nov 17 Went this day to Paisley, Manufacturing town about 6 miles from Glasgow. a Gentleman of great respectability, a fancy gauze merchant of Paisley, waiting our arrival at the inn.. we availed ourselves of their kind invitation to dinner after taking a glass of wine and a little Bride Cake (they being lately married) the Gentleman took us to see the different manufactorys and what curiousitys their was but their was very little except the sounding Ile attached to the old Abbey where we saw Queen Mary the mother of Robert, King of Scotland..we then returned and dined from a very sumptuous dinner provided by our friendly host.. so ended this day Friday.
Saturday 18th Staid at home all day. Whent to Mrs [?] to tea, a party of about 20 Ladies and Gentlemen. Their the young people danced several country and Scottish reels. Left at 1/4 past 11 o'clock. So ends this day...very pleasant society.
Nov. Staid at home... Had several visitors Eliza sat the 3rd time to the painter...whent in the evening to Mr Graham...Mr & Mrs Fleming, an American Merchant, both of which played the piano very well... They had several dances Scotch reels, Shetspeys etc. The Company broke up at 11 o'clock. We staid to supper and left at 12 o'clock in a Noddy...So ends this day.
Nov 21st Staid at home. Visitors... Eliza and Celia sat to the painter. Whent to tea at Mr Stuarts... Miss Cochrane played at the piano accompanied by Mr Stuart with the double flagelot. Had several dances... So ends this day. [28] 
Nov 22nd. This morning breakfasted with Mr Walter Wood. Met there Dr & Mrs Chalmers, Mr Irvin, Mr Pratt, a Lieut. in the Army... and another young gentleman. Had a little conversation about indifferent matters... After took a walk to the observatory. Saw their Camera Obscura and the magnifying glass magnified 1400 times... several visitors... Mr Scott Mr Cochrane and sister came to take C & E out walking. We whent to see the Panorama of the Battle of Waterloo...
Thursd. 23rd I sat this day for the painter... Eliza and Celia went to tea to Mrs Chartres had a great party and kept up dancing till 3 o'clock in the morning.
Nov 24th I sat to the painter... Capt. Wood called took out the young ladies.
Nov. 25th Celia, myself... whent to Mr John Flemings to tea... Cards was introduced played a short time as Dancing seemed the most wished for. After the Dancing was over a very splendid supper was sat down to where several toasts were given... healths named my family in N.S.Wales was drank. Broke up at 11.
Mon 27th Took a coach and whent to Hamilton... 10 miles from Glasgow... Was shown the Duke of Hamilton's Place where we saw a most grand collection of paintings by Reubens and others amongst them was Daniel in the Lions Den one of the most striking pieces I ever saw. There was also King George the Third and Queen Charlotte on each side of the throne which we ascended and sat down on. There was also a painting of Bonaparte which was done from the original. It was said to be a great likeness.
Nov 29 Whent to see Mrs Grants to a ball in the evening there being a great spirit for dancing 40 couples. I took a few hands of whist... did not break up till 3... Expect company tonight to bid us farewell. Celia sat the last time to finish her likeness.
Nov. 30th Left Glasgow at 11 o'clock for Edinburgh in the Coach. Changed horses at a small village called Cumbernaud. went as far as Gieryama in the Coach where a boat was in readiness to put us on board the Steamboat tug. Arrived at Newhaven about 6 o'clock in the evening. Took coach from there to Edinburgh being three miles. [29] Arrived at Edinburgh half after 7 o'clock Expences being Two pounds Eighteen shillings and sixpence.
Fri. Dec 1st Took a walk around the town. Saw the castle, gaol... College and several buildings... At night whent to the theatre and saw performed the Tragedy of Douglas, after piece the Vampire...
Dec 2 Mr Hope took us out walking... Each took a basin of hare soup for which the charge 10d a basin... Called on Mrs Robinson... found her very pleasant woman and her two daughters. Had a little conversation concerning the schools in Edinburgh. She recommended me to a Miss Duncan. Whent to the Pantheon, saw there great horsemanship by Mr Clarke and others. Also the play the Antiquary after the piece The way To Win A Husband...
Monday 4th, Mrs Robinson and her daughter called on us to take me to Miss Duncan, the Boarding School Governess who lives in Picardy Place. A most delightful and airy situation. I agreed with her for one year only on account of Eliza's bad health but to continue longer if her health improves well at Fifty Two Pounds Ten Shillings per annum for board and lodgings, tuition in different branches about twenty Pounds more for each young lady...
Dec 5th Came home and was busy cutting out the of flannels... and getting everything ready for them to go to school tomorrow.
Dec 7th Called at Miss Duncan's to see how my daughter was. Found them rather poorly owing to sleeping in a strange bed and being up sooner than usual However they was taking a lesson in drawing, being their first attempt
We sat down to dinner at half past four... The coach came to the door for us... we left the two young people at the school.
Fri 8th... took leave of my daughters... Arrived at Preston the next at half past 7 o'clock being the 9th.
Monday 11th visited the houses in Salford.
Dec 12th Left Blackburn at 2 o'clock. Arrived there at 1/2 before 2. Arrived Manchester half past 5 o'clock in company with Mr Thomas Brown my cousin. [30] 
Came to Mr Hargreaves another cousin where i promised to stay a month... Dreamt my sister was dead.
Dec 15th Friday Mr Hargreaves and I called on Mr & Mrs Marsden. She also took me to a manufacturing warehouse, Mr Heathcote's, where i bought a piece of calico measuring 41 yards at 1 / -...
Dec 17th. Sunday 17th Staid at home all day. Had company to tea and supper; Mr & Mrs Browns Uncle to Mr Hargreaves... Broke up at 10 o'c.
Dec 18th... Recd a letter from Mr Jones with two enclosed.. and one from Mr Watson's sister in Sydney. Whent to the play and saw Othello performed after piece 3 Weeks after Marriage.
Dec 19th. Mr & Mrs Hargreaves and myself went to the man who is doing my carriage to desire him to have it done this week...
22nd Dec. Friday 22nd. Dec set out for Bury. Mr Hargreaves has taken me in his Gig to a place called Openshawfolie where I had found my old nurse and her husband who was both so gratified they hardly knew how to contain themselves with joy, the old lady said she was sure she could not have rested in her grave had she not seen me. They said they was both in her eighty first year of their age and both looked as if they should live 20 years longer. We went to Bury about a mile further where we put up at the Grey Mare, an inn about 20 yards from where my mother lived in the wild ( circus, circular drive) but all those houses had pulled down to make improvements to the Church. Mr Hargreaves and I took a walk around the town. There was at time a show of wild Beast to be seen, we whent in and was highly gratified at the sagacity of the elephant. We dined at the Inn... Mr Hargreaves and I whent to the old Church at Bury to procure the certificate of my age. The clerk and I looked through the Register Book of parchment and I discerned it first. I was born in the year of our Lord 1777, May 12 and christened 29th
Dec 23rd. Mrs Hargreaves and I whent to Market it being so near Christmas.
A very throng Market it was, so much so, that we lost each other. Called to see if the carriage was finished. [31] 
Monday 25th Being Christmas day dined at home. Had no company. Mr & Mrs Hargreaves and I took a walk. Came home, had tea and read a few passages in the Scriptures.
Wed 27th. Whent to see if my carriage was finished, being Christmas the workmen were away.
Thurs 28th. Whent to see my Nephew, Thomas Foster, name of the place is Albion Street No. 12 Salford. He had a little son home since last I saw him, about 10 weeks old and a very fine child he was.
Dec 29th Recd. letter... from my daughters. Whent to see if the carriage was packed up. Said it should be finished tomorrow. Staid at home all day after being ill of a cold.
Sun 31st. Continued to be very poorly. Mr Buchanan brought me news of the ship Malabar having arrived from New South Wales.