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1-184 (Original)

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addressee,female author,female,Esden, Lydia,26
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Clarke, 1992
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Honoured Sir,
My Fellings is Mutch Hurt At the Disponding News I Heard From you This morning, That of Being Put off with The Passes, As you have given me But Little Hopes After prommising me you Would. Sir! I hope to god, you Will Not be Worse than your word; [18] For If so I Never Shall Be Happy; And In Respect To my Conduct Dureing my Absence Hope you have Not So Bad An Opinion Of me, As To Think me So Base As To Treat your Kindness and Ungratitude By Behaveing Ill, Or Not Comming Back To the Time you may Think proper To Allow me, Sir, I Prommise you Faithfully I will Not Incrouth one Hour, Sir! I Do Not Wish to take Any Rash Stepts with Mr Hedges, As He Is Willing To make Acknowledgement, providing He As Interview with me. The Reason Things was Not Settled Before Wee parted was Wee Expected I Should have Being Able To have gone To See him with Out Any trouble, And being Wholely Out of his power To Come To me, makes me To Intreet So Hard For A pass. Sir! If Not Intrueding, Lett me Once more Beg For A pass to parramata, and If I Cannot goe Any Further, I will send For him to meet me there, Which Will Not Hesitate One moment In Executing the Command I Know. Wat makes me So Anchous Is the Ship Is going A Waleing, And I Am Shure He will Not Stay But very Little Longer. As He would Loose the Season For It. If He Did, I should mutch wish if you would send For Ann This Eveing, And I will pay the Expence, And happey so to do, For to Supply my place, wile I am gone. Sir! I hope you will Not Denigh me This Request, Or I am A Lost Woman. Sir! I have maney Thing To say to him, As he will goe To see My Famley, which will Be Of grate Concolation To me, And Satisfaction To them. For god sake, Sir, Take It Into Concideration, And grant me my Request, Though I Acknowledge It very Early To Ask Favours, Sir, there Seamed to Be a Dought Ariseing Concerning My Being with Child, But I am Not Desceved. It would Be well If I was; Nor Did I Entend To Name; But When you put the question To me, I Could Not Denigh the Truth.
I hope, Sir, you will grant This Request To-morrow Or Tuesday, As then I should Be Able To Return By The Latter part Of the week, And Help with the work.