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BENCH OF MAGISTRATES. - On Wednesday Ann Bass, a crown servant, was brought before a Bench of Magistrates, charged with behaving in a riotous and disorderly manner to her mistress, and attempting to quit her place without leave, contrary to the Colonial Regulations. The charge being most clearly proved, she was sentenced to be put in the stocks 8 hours, at two different periods, with an iron collar placed upon her neck, and to be imprisoned in the county gaol for 3 months. The complaint was peculiar aggravating, this woman having only been released from prison a few days back on a similar case.
John Gwynn, a free man, was fined five pounds, for attempting to inveigle the above woman from her place.
We trust this example will be a warning to all young women who are assigned as servants in this Island; and cause them to remain peaceable and contented in the situation allotted them by Government, and not to be seduced by those who in a short time may leave them friendless and distressed.
This day William Mason, a crown servant and cooper of His Majesty's Store in this town, was charged with stealing 7 lbs of sugar from the said store; for which offence he was sentenced to receive 100 lashes, and to work 12 months in the gaol gang.
David M'Coy, a settler and stock-owner, was fined 20l. for killing a sheep without a licence, contrary to Government and General Orders. William Smith, a prisoner, was also sentenced to work 2 months in the gaol gang, for assisting in the same offence.