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1-152 (Original)

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addressee author,male,McCarty, Dennis,un
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Ward, 1969
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HOBART TOWN, County of Buckinghamshire, Island of Van Diemen.
Depositions taken on an Inquisition, held this twentieth day of May, 1815, upon the view of the body of James O'Burne, then and there lying Dead, before Adolarious William Henry Humphrey, Esquire, Coroner of the aforesaid County.
MR Dennis McCARTY on Oath deposed:- - I knew James O'Burne; he was in my employ three weeks ago as a Sailor. A Banditti of Bushrangers, who are in the Woods disturbing the Settlements, came to the district of New Norfolk where I reside. I knew McGwyre to be one of the party of Bushrangers. I was informed by those persons who knew them that James Whitehead, Michael Howe, Hugh Burn, Richard Collyer, I also heard the name of Jones who had a bump on his Eye, together with Peter Septon and Peter Geary, were of the party; that, about Nine o'Clock in the morning of the day this happened, Word was brought to me that the Bushrangers were plundering, robbing, and had fired at some of the Inhabitants of the Settlement at New Norfolk. I waited sometime, judging that they would attack my house, and did therefore prepare for the Attack; finding they did not come and having been informed that the Robbers had gone to the back River, I sent to see if they were there. I was told that they were, and had a Centry on one of the Houses. I lhcn mustered what force I could and proceeded to Robert Hayes' House. My party consisted of James O'Burne, deceased, who had Volunteered his Services, with a great many other persons. The Bushrangers were gone from Hay's [sic] House, before I could get to it with my Party. [237] I then went on to James Triffitt's; they had also left there and gone in the direction of Macquarie district. I and my Party continued the pursuit and came up with the Bushrangers about a Mile from Triffitt's, when an Action took place, and James O'Burne, here lying dead, received a Musket Shot from one of the Banditti. After the Engagement, I returned home and sent out my Cart to bring in the Wounded, and that this Morning the said James O'Bume died.
Dennis McCARTY
Verdict. That James O'Burne was Murdered wilfully by James Whitehead, Peter Septon, Michael Howe, Richard Collyer, Richard McGwyre, Hugh Burn, Peter Geary, George Jones, and a Woman Native of this Island who is called Mary.
A. W. H. HUMPHREY, Coroner.