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1-139 (Raw)

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addressee author,male,Campbell, John Thomas,un
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Government English
Petitions & Proclamations
Ingleton, 1988
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By His Excellency Lachlan Macquarie, Esquire, Captain General and Governor in Chief of His Majestys' Territory of New South Wales and its DEPENDENCIES, &c. &c. 
WHEREAS PETER MILLS, late Acting Deputy Surveyor of Lands at His MAJESTY'S Settlement of Port Dalrymple, Van Diemen's Land, in the Territory of New South Wales, and GEORGE WILLIAMS, late Acting Deputy Commissary of Stores and Provisions at the said Settlement, have unlawfully absconded and fled from their usual Habitations and Employments at the said Settlement into the Woods and retired Places in the Neighbourhood of the same, with Intent to support and maintain themselves by Rapine and Violence, have there armed themselves at the Head of divers profligate and disorderly Persons (as well Convicts as others), also armed, who have at various times fled from the Service of Government, or from other their lawful Masters and Employers, at His MAJESTY'S Settlements in Van Diemen's Land, into the Woods or retired Places in the Neighbourhood of the said Settlements to lead a Life of Idleness and Debauchery, or to avoid the Punishment due to their Offences.
And whereas the said PETER Mills and GEORGE WILLIAMS, and other profligate Persons aforesaid, being so armed and confederated together, as aforesaid, for unlawful and wicked Purposes aforesaid, and in fulfilment of the same have feloniously and wickedly committed many atrocious Robberies and Depredations upon the peaceable Inhabitants of the Settlements, by feloniously and violently driving away and stealing their Sheep and Cattle, and feloniously, violently and burglariously breaking into their Houses, and then and there stealing divers of their Goods and Chattels, to the great Damage and Terror of His MAJESTY'S Subjects in the said Settlements, and the utter Subversion of all good Order and Government : - It is therefore hereby ordered, declared, and publicly notified by His Excellency LACHLAN MACQUARIE, Esquire, Captain General and Governor in Chief as aforesaid, that the said PETER MILLS and GEORGE WILLIAMS, and also the several Persons hereafter named, namely: [69] [...] 
SHALL, and they are hereby severally required in the Name and on Behalf of His MAJESTY, peaceably, and upon their Allegiance as Subjects of His MAJESTY, to return to His MAJESTY'S Settlements of Hobart Town, and Port Dalrymple in Van Diemen's Land aforesaid, on or before the First Day of December next ensuing the Date of this Proclamation, and then and there severally to surrender themselves to one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, or to the Chief Constable in the said Settlement, or either of them. And it is further ordered and declared by the Authority aforesaid, that if the said several Persons above named, or any or either of them shall make Default in, or shall neglect or refuse to surrender himself or themselves at the Time aforesaid, to one of His MAJESTY'S Justices of the Peace, or to the Chief Constable at the said Settlements, or either of them, they shall severally be deemed and taken to be Outlaws, and be dealt with and treated accordingly.
PROVIDED Nethertheless, and it is hereby, and by the Authority aforesaid, declared, promised, and publicly notified to the said several Persons above named, that if any of the said several Persons shall, on or before the First Day of December next, surrender himself or themselves in Obedience to this Proclamation, and according to the Tenor and Intent thereof; and shall peaceably return to their lawful Occupations, he or they so surrendering himself or themselves, and returning to their lawful Occupations as aforesaid shall be pardoned, and saved harmless from all Offences (save and except the Crime of Wilful Murder) by him or them committed during his or their unlawful Absence from their respective Habitations and Employments as aforesaid, any Thing herein contained to the Contrary notwithstanding.
Given under my Hand, at Government House, Sydney, this
Fourteenth Day of May, 1814. 
God Save The KING!