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1-134 (Text)

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Parramatta June 18th 1813.
My dear Madam
A ship being on the point of sailing my Mama is not willing to let another opportunity pass without making some acknowledgment to you and your family for your kindness to us when we were in England you have no doubt before this heard of my Mama's severe indisposition, which prevents her from writing this herself, she has now been two years afflicted, and tho' her health is much recovered, is yet far from being well: she feels severely every change of weather, & having lost the use of her right arm, is deprived of every means of employing herself. If you have heard of the female missionaries I know you will feel interested in their welfare I am sorry to inform you that two died soon after their arrival at Otaheite, Mrs. Davis in child-bed, and Mrs. Haywood of a dropsical complaint. Poor Mrs. Henry is also dead ; she came out in the Duff with Mr. Cover. My Mama regrets her death very much and is afraid it will he felt severely as she was of a true missionary spirit. Mr. Henry came to Port Jackson for another wife, and was married last week he brings the welcome tidings that Pomare the King of Otaheite & some of his subjects have embraced Christianity even religion in our part of the world wears a fairer aspect than formerly the Governor is a great friend to the Gospel, tho' not pious, yet he is what the world calls a very moral man which is much more than any of his predecessors; he has also made great improvements in the Colony particularly at Sydney.  Mr. Cowper & family are very well, also Mr. Cartwright. Mrs. C. & all her children are spending a short time with us at Parramatta. I am afraid you will find very little amusement in this letter, but I hope, my dear Mrs. Stokes will excuse it, my apology must be I was afraid she should think we had all forgot our Gutter Lane friends. My Papa mind Mama unite with me in best regards to you and Mr. Stokes, & will thank you to remember us to Mr. & Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Foster, & Mrs. Amey, begging you will accept the same, My dear Madam,
from yours ever affectionately