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1-127 (Original)

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addressee,family author,female,Catchpole, Margaret,49
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Mitchell Library, 1847
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Richmon Hill Sep 2th 1811
Dear uncle and aunt and Cusones this Com with my kind Love to you all and happey to hear you are all well as it Lov me at this time thank God for it. and with grat joy i receved your letter for i was allmoust Lik you for i thought you had forgot me But when i saw the dat thay had Binn wot a long time thay should a com in the Dromedary all most 2 year a go. i receved my Box on the 20 of August 1811 it mak me very happey to hear my Dear Cusones are doing so well a grat Bless and Comfort to you and a sincer happness to me. i was very sorrey to hear of my aunt Ledders Being Dead and poor Susey pray give my love to my uncle Ledder and tell him i am very sorrey inded to hear such newes. giv my Lov to all my Cusones Ledders i should Be very Glad to hear from my Cuson Sarah esp to Giv my Love to Suson if you should see har and tell har i thought she wold not a marraid. i am not and all most fiftey year old nor i do not intend i hop to see hom once moor and to see Dear Cuson Charles weay me a pound of tea for me and that fine strong young man Samuall to mak me a par of shoses and poor Lacey to threed my needell for my eyes are not so as i do. i reant a Lettell farm a-Bout fifteen ackers a-Bout half of it standan timber and the Cleard ground i hiear min to put in my Com and i work a good deel my self i hav got 30 shep and fortey Goates and 30 piges and 2 doges they tak keear of me for i Live within twenty 2 rood of me. i hav a good maney of my friendes that i Goo to see when i think proper such as i haved must when thay lay in thay Cannot do with out me i am Looked upon very well - thank God - i hop to git a few poundes to com hom with. the wight frostey mornninges is just saven of us it hav binn very Could inded this wintear But nothing Lik your Snow. that was very shoken inded i am very sorrey to hear you have Lorst your friend & i am very sorrey that i hab Lorst another Good friend as Mrs. Sloorgin. for she sent me this time 12 yeardes of iresh Cloth 3 yeardes of rebens 3 Good Bookes and wright [torn] paper and this is sum of it Mrs. Cobbold sent me a very hansom present - peces for 2 Goundes nine Capes four Last ones and Just as it Com of har owen head wich i thought moor of them aven thing i put it on dyreckly and maney moor thinges to Lang to menchen. my Dear aunt your hear i kist and Cried over it and will all wayes keep it and i hav thi other By me that you sent me i hop the next time you send you will send me sum of Lucesy and Charles hear. Dear uncle you must think i Can walk well for when i heard thear was a Boy for me i set of and walked fiftey miles in the 2 Dayas you Cannot tell the happneis it Giv me and all my frindes wear over joyed to hear of it now this will giv me grat happness for a Long time. and i hop Lucey will all wayes Be very Dutfull to har Mother as my Dear aunt must be a Giten into years for i do not grow young my self i hav Lorst all my frunt teeth i Can slur a Bout as Brisk as ever and in Good Spirites. Dear uncle i hop when you right again you will send me word of all my frindes i thank you for the newes papears and wich i could a sent you sum But hear in no tim the ship is Going to sail dyreckly so i must ConClud with my sencer Lov to you and all my Dear Cusones i pray to God to keep his Bliss upon you all and not for Giting my self a-Dew
Margreat Catchpole
i am very proud of my Dear Charles Letters and sorrey i had not time to anser it But i will the next time James will soon Git a rich man i think if her mind Samell i hop will over tak them By taken keear. this places is a Gitten very plentfull But every thing very Dear Beef mutton and pork 1 to 18 pences par pound wheat from 12 to 15 and 18 shillens par Buchell Butter five shillens par pound. on March the forteenn is my Barth Day then i am fiftey years.