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1-118 (Raw)

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Ingleton, 1988
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It is high time that some fresh Governor should have arrived here before this as such doings was never known - pardons to the worst of characters, Croppeys and thieves. Here a man or woman robs, next day turns King's evidence, transports those that he sold the things for fourteen years, and saves himself.
Land-.-. three thousand acres given to Mr. Riley, four thousand acres to another favorite, as well as eight hundred Government sheep and 70 bullocks; not a Government's hutt (save six or seven) but is given away to favorites. Forty thousand gallons of spirits besides were given away to the civil and military officers since Bligh has been deposed, and not anything to the peaceable, industrious individual.
The officers and favorites have been finely enriched by this republican Government. Johnston and the rest of the military squad were not satisfied because he (Governor Bligh) would not let them have as much spirit to trade as old King did, so that made them determine to depose him. Mr. Gore, the Provost Marshall, transported; Mr. Palmer, the Commissary, imprison'd; Cheeseman, an old man, 80, hanged, because he had bought stolen property. Mr. Gore would not plead, so judge (Captain Kemp) said in the Court:
"I transport you, W'm Gore, like a damn'd rascall as you are, for seven years to the Coal River!"
This was a fine sentence for a man wearing His Majesty's commission. Paterson gets drunk at Government House at Parramatta, and Foveaux is left at Sydney to do as he likes, and he gives pardons, grants, and leases to the whores and greatest thieves, 'till there is nothing left for any other Governor (when he arrives) to give. There is now two Lieutenant-Governors here - Paterson - but F. is king and supreme; P. is only a cypher. F. took people out of a church at Norfolk Island and hung them without a trial, so he and his whore were sent here to inhabit Government House, while His Honor, old Paterson, lived and got drunk in his barrack.
The Orphan School - a bawdy house ever since the new master (Hoskins), his wife, and three stout boys (his sons), sent out from England to be its master, and Betsy Wyne (a notorious street-walking strumpet and a prisoner for life), put in by the cobbler (Hoskins, the master) as a teacher, and the former good master and mistress put out. This was the business of The Rev. Samuel Marsden, the horse-shoe maker; I mean King Marsden.
And here is a fellow, one Crook, a shopkeeper, a missionary, who keeps a shop, yet was chaplin and read the absolution, and had more favour shown him than any clergyman, for he was miserably poor; but these two Honors and the two Lieutenant-Governors have set this fellow (who was a gentleman's servant) up chaplain to the 102nd. - His Majesty's LOYAL corps!
The officers sold their permits for spirits at £2 per gallon, and let others draw it from the stores. The investment by the SINCLAIR, the officers and shopkeepers only had, and they sold the check. Sieves drawn out at 8s. per sieve, were sold at two guineas each. Oh, it has been charming times in Sydney-town!
Hang half this worthy set and it will be justice, for they have been the greatest robbers. Johnston's woman, a Jewess, offered to sell, since he went, 1,000 weight of kidney fat - taken out of Government bullocks - at 2s. 6d. per pound. This she saved during his government. These are proper peculations, and I hope such delinquents will be brought to condign punishment.
NEW SOUTH WALES, 13th. October, 1809